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Tropical Nuptials

How to prepare for a destination wedding

Attending a wedding even half an hour away is stressful enough as is worrying about when to leave, what to wear, if it’s indoor or outdoor, what gift to buy, and on and on. Planning for one outside the Texas borders submerged in new foliage and a different climate calls for even more decision-making before heading out the door. Though you likely won’t forget the outfit you selected for the big day, there are many other equally essential items and considerations you won’t want to overlook when traveling for a destination wedding. Follow this outline to ensure you don’t spend more time buying forgotten items than enjoying your loved one’s big day and the beautiful scenery. 

Pre-Pack Considerations

To avoid filling your suitcase with ten pairs of shoes, only two of which you’ll wear, or neglecting to bring a change of clothes for the day after the ceremony, it’s important to analyze the details of your trip. Once flights are finalized, take note of luggage guidelines and be realistic about what you can and can’t fit. Researching the weather during the season you’ll be visiting is equally as important as you’ll likely be able to fit more swimsuits and sundresses than large coats and jeans. That being said, you may want an extra layer should it cool down at night while you’re out late celebrating any wedding events or exploring the city if you plan to extend your tropical vacation. 

The Necessities

In addition to arguably the most important item on vacation--your wallet, don't forget the sunscreen. Such products like Super Goop offer delicious smelling products to keep your skin from turning from a stunning tan to a lobster. In the event you are more sunkissed than desired, packing your personal items like skincare, hair products, makeup, any styling tools, toothbrush and toothpaste, and deodorant (non-negotiable in a tropical climate), will make you feel brand new for the wedding day. Once you’ve cleaned up, it’d be a shame if you only brought hiking boots and flip-flops, so be sure all necessary items fly with you to your loved one’s big day. Throw in an extra bag for any souvenirs that catch your eye!


Finding the perfect vacation outfit is a delight on its own, but finding a wedding guest outfit to also match the tropical location is a whole other experience. If the nuptials take place outside, you may regret wearing that long-sleeved dress or black suit jacket sitting on a tropical beach. Pack plenty of options in case you need to hide a bad tan line. For the activities before and after the wedding, remember to pack comfortable, breathable clothing that you're willing to sweat in and your favorite walking or hiking shoes. If you don’t plan on leaving the beach during your extended stay, then a few extra swimsuits and cover-ups will be necessary, but don’t forget clothing for inside at dinner as well. 

The Gift

These days, the wedding party usually makes shopping for the perfect gift smooth and easy by listing the registry on their wedding website. Simply navigate to the registry and look through the list of specific items the couple would like. If nothing is speaking to you, or the couple didn’t make a list, feel free to opt for a more personalized gift like a framed map of the wedding location or an engraved decanter. Either way, the greatest gift will be your presence at the couple’s special day!

Take the stress out of your trip by planning ahead to ensure you savor every moment as a guest at your next tropical destination wedding, and remember that the best thing you can bring is a good attitude and peace of mind!

Follow this outline to ensure you don’t spend more time buying forgotten items than enjoying your loved one’s big day and the beautiful scenery.