Unplugged Serenity: Make Your Bathroom A Retreat From The World

Let Your Personal Tastes Shine

Between being a busy mom, wife, business owner and volunteer, sometimes I'm incredibly grateful I designed my bathroom as a ‘serene mini getaway-scape’. Here are some tips to create your place of solace and self-care.

It’s Your Canvas

Instead of worrying what will be ‘in’ or ‘out’ in the next few years, design it your way. It’s your space. You will spend countless hours there and you will write the check for it too. 

Some designers will want to lay down ‘rules’ but the truth is you live with it, so if you like a few different textures, colors or materials that may not be ‘standard’ or ‘match’- hey do it ! If you feel serene in your space that is what matters most! 

Establish The Look

Consider the flooring, walls, counters, bathtub and shower as your main building blocks. Do you want the vibe of earth tones like a mountain retreat? A traditional Victorian tub and a brick flashback in time? Or are you looking for a clean, bright, modern ‘spa’ hue? 

Delineate the Space

If you have a large space, create different areas for yourself. Delineate one area as the sitting/sipping coffee as the sun rises near the window. Make the cozy fireplace area for wine and winding down after a long day with a good book. You can define your space with different patterns in how your tile is laid or a transition in flooring type. Maybe you keep waterproof tiles near the wet areas, but opt for hardwood in the sitting areas. 

If you have a small space, do your material selections make the area look larger and less cramped? Longer horizontal tiles can make a smaller room look wider by drawing the eye left or right in long waves. Too many small mosaic or subway tiles can make it feel cluttered and full. 

The Cherries on Top

You've set the backdrop, now it’s time to move in. Here are some relaxing extras:

  • Bathrobe and slippers. 

  • Plants. Real or fake. 

  • Lavenders, Citrus & Epsom Salts. 

  • Non-Phone Music Device.

  • End table and niche for books, wine, oils.

  • Door locks and shades for privacy.

  • Concealed storage. Strive to make it your one clean and pristine area. 

Vanessa Osei is the owner of Kingdom Countertops & Cabinetry in Highlands Ranch along with her husband, Gideon. She is the mother of three, has a language and global education background and runs one of the largest prison ministries in the state. Find her at

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