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Unveiling Naples' Hidden Gems: CMC Hospitality Group Trio

The Ultimate Trifecta in Crafting Unique Social Experiences Within the Community

If you are wanting to check out something new and interesting in Naples, whether you live here or are just visiting, you won’t want to miss out on three of the hottest spots created by CMC Hospitality Group.

Each location brings an entirely different vibe to the table, while at the same time, perfectly complementing one another. From elevated small bites, unique cocktails and a secret room to non-alcoholic novelties and chic outdoor patios, CMC nailed every detail. They have effectively transformed an area of Naples with individual shops into a cohesive, communal space. The three partners Chris Shucart, Chris Lee & Marty Kenney, have been collaborating over the last two years, dedicating every ounce of their time, energy and money into creating an experience. It’s not just food and drinks, it’s community; it’s bringing people together in a fun environment with a lot of laughs.

“That’s part of what we want to bring here. We want to create a culture; a place we all want to go to.” –Christopher Shucart

And they’ve accomplished just that. If you start off in The Kitchen & Mini Bar, the outdoor patio area has an eclectic atmosphere; the outdoor double-layered bar allows for direct access to drinks and the picnic tables create opportunities to connect with others while listening to live music. If you desire a quick change-up in environment, take a stroll through The Alley, a New York-like passageway that takes you into a space with graffiti and a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibe. There aren’t too many places open late in Naples, this is definitely one that has it all. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink beer out of a brown paper bag once in a while? It’s all part of the adventure. If exclusivity is more your style, The Staff is a speakeasy, a hidden bar that requires a password to gain access. Once inside, you feel illegal as you sip on a personalized craft cocktail from the 1920’s. Next, take a few steps into The District, which offers an edgy, flirty vibe that pushes the envelope with its fun bathroom signs and CBD-infused drinks. They have embraced the idea of non-alcoholic beverages, but phenomenal ones, that only add to the all inclusive ambiance, making you feel a part of the space whether you’re drinking or not. The neon signs, moss covered lights and green velvet chairs leave you feeling like you’re in a classy club.

To find an area where you could quite literally spend all day and night, with different styles of food, different music, different vibes, all within walking distance…I mean, it’s unheard of in Naples. What these guys are doing with CMC Hospitality group is not only innovative and cutting edge, it’s genius. And on a business or corporate level, they are open to renting out the spaces and working with groups, especially within the community. The most inspiring part of conversing with the Chris’s and Marty, is that they saw an opportunity when this space was just a drive-thru and asphalt.

“The three of us just kept grinding, through our experience and inspiration from the keys, it was a daily metamorphosis, we just kept evolving. We kept elevating the concept and always said, the details matter.”

From USB plugs at the bar to the mixologists behind the bar, they didn’t miss a beat. As Chris said, “We created a community forward space.” 

And did I mention Brunch? The Kitchen & Mini Bar is the hot spot for bottomless mimosas every Saturday and Sunday until 2:30 pm.

In case you’re curious and not sure what to order from each spot, try some of Chris’ favorites: 

The Kitchen & Mini Bar: Kicken Chicken & Filet Chimichurri Spike with a Weekend Watermelon Drink

The District: Prime Swine & Stacked with a customer favorite, the District Espresso-Tini

Staff Only: Craft cocktail Dobel Maestro

The Alley: Beer in a bag

For more information on hours, location and menu, check out: