Sarasota Rug Spa

Unveiling the Artistry of Rug Restoration

In the heart of Sarasota, Sarasota Rug Spa epitomizes timeless craftsmanship and commitment. Established in the 1950s, the spa, now owned by Stefanie and Bryan Deaubler, boasts a legacy woven with dedication and excellence.

With roots deeply embedded in Sarasota, the spa has earned its reputation as a symbol of quality and care. Richard, lovingly known as "Boss," has been a key figure for 64 years, embodying the commitment to perfection that defines the establishment.

In January 2022, Stefanie and Bryan infused new energy into the business. Bryan, a Florida native and military veteran, brings a unique perspective, while Stefanie's 25 years in healthcare found a new canvas at Sarasota Rug Spa, where every rug care interaction is transformed into an art form.

Specializing in the meticulous cleaning and repair of rugs, Sarasota Rug Spa is a haven for floor art whether new, antique, hand woven or machine made.. From antique Persian rugs to those from mainstream stores, each rug is treated with the utmost care. The team employs a state-of-the-art commercial machine, avoiding hot water or steam to preserve the integrity of each rug.

Stefanie shares expert insights, emphasizing the importance of regular cleaning every 1-3 years, tailored to the rug type and traffic. Sarasota Rug Spa not only rejuvenates rugs but also excels in restoring those damaged by hurricanes and other floods, or wear and tear due to age.

As Lakewood Ranch experiences remarkable growth, Sarasota Rug Spa adapts to the evolving needs of its discerning clientele. Indulge your senses, elevate your space, and experience the magic of rug restoration. Call 941-955-2620 and let the legacy continue—one well loved rug at a time.

"Legacy woven with dedication and excellence, Sarasota Rug Spa transforms rug care into an art form."

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