Up Your Garage Game

Local businesses open up about the unlimited potential of this multipurpose area

A garage is a place that both sparks and stores inspiration — a hub of humble beginnings for garage bands, start-ups, and DIY projects. Adopted as a rehearsal room for The Beatles and Nirvana and employed as a covert space for the creators of Apple and Amazon, it’s no surprise this area remains highly coveted in contemporary society. To learn more about how Las Vegans are making the most out of their garage, we spoke with four companies who make it their business to track the trends, think outside the box, and keep tabs on garage glo-ups.

Traci Human, a real estate agent who has served our community for more than 30 years, notes the importance of first impressions, especially when it comes to the curb appeal of a home. According to Human, “The garage design should complement the overall style of the property, and it’s increasingly popular to upgrade garage doors.”

If you’re considering adding flair to your home’s façade, elevating the appeal of the garage door is a suitable place to start — think of it as an exterior facelift that increases home value. When collaborating with builders, Human appreciates designs that accommodate multiple cars, account for larger vehicles, and create intentional storage space. Equally important is her advice when it comes to reselling a home, “A tidy and well-organized garage is a must.”

Creating storage solutions in a confined space can feel overwhelming — how do we keep holiday decorations accessible, family heirlooms protected from the elements, and our toolkit at the ready while out of harm’s way? The experts at Inspired Closets Las Vegas have the know-how when it comes to efficient space planning, and Senior Designer, Liza Wolff, is prepared to serve up suggestions that maximize space and minimize stress. “Custom designs we love to integrate are those that make the most out of the space available, but we always start with our homeowner’s vision in mind. Are we creating storage for four bikes, three cars, two folding chairs, and a freezer? If so, there are certain features we’ll emphasize in our design.”

In the realm of luxury storage, style remains an important aspect, which is why Wolff reminds clients that “sliding cabinet doors and slat walls are sleek and save room. Plus, elements of home décor don’t stop at the garage door, so consider color choice and hardware options when imagining your ideal space.”

To make room for the functional accessories guaranteed to get your garage in tip-top shape, consider upgrading existing technology in favor of stream-lined systems that require less room and offer more output. Scott Root, owner of MC Plumbing, recommends tankless water heaters as a practical solution for homeowners looking to free up garage space and increase energy efficiency. “While homeowners may be unfamiliar with this innovative water heating solution, the endless hot water supply and space-saving opportunity make the product a worthwhile investment. More importantly, the technology is widely used, a reliable enhancement, and a service we’re proud to provide at MC Plumbing.”

With this in mind, it may be time to throw in the towel when it comes to tucking away an unsightly water heater. Instead, elevate your appliance and reap the benefits!

If you’re revved up about revamping your garage, it’s time to visit our partner Ryan Hamilton at Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas. Borrow some inspo from his impressive fleet of exotic cars and marvel at the designer displays while dreaming up your next set of wheels. The inventory offers a wide variety of options, everything from Beamers to Bentleys. Whether you’ve curated the perfect place for a new collectible from the dealership or are looking to trade in your classic car to make room for a new man cave, you’re in good hands.

According to Hamilton, “For over 23 years, we have delighted in providing our clients with top-quality service while meeting all of their automotive needs, and we cherish the connections we’ve made.” So, if you’re in the mood to celebrate a remodel, purchase a new ride, or snap a selfie with the cars of your dreams, visit the 20,000-square-foot garage at Las Vegas Celebrity Cars and slide into the driver’s seat.

It's the perfect season to step up your garage game, and this community of experts has offered a variety of different starting points. Consider adding a few extra amenities, like a textured garage floor or a powerful charging station for EVs, and you may leave neighbors green with garage envy.

"A place for everything and everything in its place" doesn't necessarily mean every item is visible. Consider discreet storage solutions, like sliding cabinet doors and floor-to-ceiling shelves, to maximize efficiency and prioritize a polished appearance.

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