Update Your Space

Looking for a little home refresh? Local interior designers spill on the latest trends

Your home should be comfortable, functional, and reflect your personality. Remake your space with some on-trend ideas from area interior designers.

Crissy Orris and Jennifer Wells of CJ Designs predict that 2023 will bring an increase in the mixing of organic materials such as wood, stone, and metals. "We will also notice more incorporation of neutrals and browns with pops of bold colors."

"I love the growing trend of attractive spaces that allow consumers to make self-care a priority," says Heidi Mendoza of re.dzine in Castle Rock. "Master suites are more thoughtful and bathrooms are like spas." Heidi says both her residential and commercial clients are emphasizing self-care and wellness.

Sara Brooks, designer at 5 Rings construction, says kitchen and bath fixtures will be all about elegance. “Like adding the finishing touch to an outfit, intentional fixtures will make your home unique.”

Crissy and Jennifer say lighting fixtures will become "the star of the show." Whether chandeliers or floor lamps, clean lined or over-the-top glam, "they will become the statement piece of a room rather than simplistic and functional."

"I’m all about calming the chaos of the outside world by making design choices interiorly to support that," says Jane Norris of Indigo Day Interior Design. "Clearing the clutter in our homes clears the clutter in our minds. Simplifying our homes allows us to live more peacefully and intentionally."

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