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New Windows and Doors Add Value, Security and Beauty to Any Residence

Article by Sue Baldani

Photography by Anna Ko Photography

Originally published in Edina Lifestyle

New windows and doors are a huge investment for homeowners, so it’s important to choose the products that are going to work well and last a long time. Great Plains Windows and Doors, an Andersen Certified Contractor in Oakdale, takes the time to guide consumers through every stage of the process.

“It's about treating people with the utmost respect, listening to their needs, and recommending specific solutions based on their unique situations,” says Project Consultant, Scott MacDonald.

Adds Director of Sales and Operations, Tony Flint, “Each project is unique, and we certainly do not want to rush anything, especially when it comes to listening to our customers wants and needs.  I hope homeowners truly sense we're there to help them.”

As an Andersen “Circle of Excellence” dealer, Great Plains can provide a vast array of products and options for homeowners at multiple price points, and every product is backed by the outstanding Andersen manufacturing warranty. “They’re a Minnesota-based company and have been in business for over almost 120 years,” says Scott. “They’re also one of the most trusted window and door manufacturers in North America.”

The Andersen Design Tool software gives Great Plains access to all available products. Here, Great Plains can directly interact with a potential customer and can provide a variety of options such as different styles of windows and doors, color options, hardware, glass types, screen material and more so people can narrow down their choices. It’s very detailed and can actually provide an image of what the newly designed window or door will look like.

“It's also a massive time saver,” says Scott. “We can interact with the homeowner throughout the entire process and can have information to them including project costs very quickly. The program allows the homeowner to see and pick out options in real time.  Of course, if people prefer paper proposals and contracts, we're happy to accommodate that as well.” Customers can also come into their showroom in Oakdale to view and pick out different product offerings and options.

Once the windows and doors are manufactured, the next critical part is the installation. “You can have the best window or door in the world, but if it's not installed properly by certified contractors and installers like Great Plains it may not make any difference,” says Tony. “Water or air infiltration, or hard to open windows may be the result of poorly installed windows or doors.  Our entire team at GPW takes great pride in their craftsmanship and the installation process.” 

And if something unplanned were to happen, Great Plains will make it right. “We're going to resolve it in a manner where the customer’s going to remember how well it was handled,” says Scott.  

Great Plains recently completed a project in the Country Club neighborhood in Edina, where they have strict building codes and don't allow tear downs. Most of the houses there were built in the early 1900s.

“Our customer lives in a 1932 home that had the original single pane double hung windows that were painted brown on the exterior,” says Scott. “They wanted a refreshed looking window with greater energy efficiency, but at the same time wanted to maintain the original look and feel of their home.”

“What we ended up doing is swapping out the painted brown exterior for a new dark bronze maintenance-free exterior, and then we kept the interior as stained wood to recreate the look of the original windows. We custom matched all of the original trim throughout the house so you could literally walk through their house and not be able to tell which trim was original and which was new.”

Andersen, he says, has products specifically designed for older homes.  These include different interior wood options, such as pine, maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany, which allows homeowners to maintain the original wood species look as well as a close architectural match on the inside.

Scott explains energy efficiency, sound dampening, and additional security are big reasons people want their windows or doors replaced. “For example, says Scott, we have recommended laminated glass as an option for homeowners on all their main floor windows for added security.” 

“Getting out of their home quickly is also an additional concern,” says Tony. “If their old windows do not operate properly, especially in a bedroom for example, there’s a fear of not being able to escape if there’s a fire.”

“Additionally,” Tony adds, “Great Plains offers many other Andersen options through multiple product lines and a variety of choices.  After speaking with homeowners, even for a brief moment, they feel comfortable with what we have to offer and have a better understating of our process from beginning to end.  Great Plains focuses on the entire process which is key to overall customer satisfaction.” 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit, call 651-207-4571, or visit their showroom located at 6866 - 33rd St North, Suite 100, Oakdale, MN  55128.