Uplevel Your Mother's Day Gifting

DIY Gift Wreath

Mother’s Day is upon us! Are you looking for a gift that is unique and shows you care? This personalized wreath is the perfect way to do just that.

You’ll need the following supplies for this project:

A foam wreath form
A chiffon scarf
Crepe paper
Tea packets in a variety of flavors
Wrapped chocolate varieties
Flower seed packets
Hot glue gun and glue

1. First hot glue your crepe paper onto the foam wreath form.
2. Wrap the crepe paper in small circles around the wreath form until you have made it all the way around the form.
3. Cut the crepe paper and hot glue the other end onto the wreath form.
4. Loop your scarf around the top of the wreath form.
5. Save some room to hang your wreath and tie a bow with the remaining scarf.
6. Hot glue clothespins onto the wreath form spaced evenly apart. You can use as many or as few as you like.
7. Place the chocolates, tea bags, and flower seed packets into the clothespins around the wreath. 
The person receiving the gift will enjoy the treats. Once they have pulled all of the treats off to enjoy, and they are finished with it, they can take the scarf off and wear it. They can add other things into the clothespins, and some examples are flowers, seasonal décor, notes, reminders, etc. Another option would be to fill the
wreath back up with gifts and pass it along to another person.

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