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A Sweet Valentine's Day

Create lasting memories with traditions new and old.

Article by Samantha Bowers

Photography by Janie Jones @uncommonjane

Originally published in NBTX City Lifestyle

1. Creating the Perfect Kid Centric Centerpiece.

Surprise your little ones with a delightful sweet treat table, creating a charming atmosphere filled with their favorite snacks and candies. For an extra touch, elevate the display with fresh flowers and a handmade centerpiece. Arrange greenery in layers, starting with the largest at the bottom, creating a circular base. Top it with a chocolate-dipped Oreos, and heart-shaped cookies for an inviting spread.

2. Decorating For All

Create your own Valentine's Day mini cupcakes station for everyone to decorate their own delightful treat with sprinkles or candy tidbits to go on top.

3. DIY V-Day Tree

Enhance the festive ambiance with a Valentine's Tree centerpiece. Paint fallen branches white and secure them in a repurposed ceramic jar filled with floral foam and moss. This versatile tree can be adorned for any occasion, offering a sturdy base for decorations.

4. Creating Memories

Craft heart-shaped ornaments to hang on the Valentine's Tree. Use recycled shipping boxes, painted red, and add a lace-like edge with a hole punch. These ornaments can double as clue cards for a kids' Valentine's Day scavenger hunt, adding an interactive and exciting element to the celebration. Create lasting memories with this sweet and festive surprise for your little ones.

Delight in joyous moments: Surprise your children with a sweet treat table, creating memories as sweet as the treats themselves. Sweetness, smiles, and surprises await!