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Refuse the Mundane: Seek Unique Rental Terrain with Tips from the Designer

Looking for the perfect vacation destination this summer? Try renting a charming short-term rental. It’s comforting to find homey accommodations anywhere you go, but remember that your rental can set the tone for your whole trip—so make it count! You can surround yourself with art and unusual architecture, calm colors and sounds or the perfect coastal cowgirl pied-à-terre. 

So how do you choose a spot? First and foremost, it’s good to think of your getaway as a chance to live a different way. You can play with your temporary address. Choose something artful or look for unique features that reflect the location. Have you ever wondered what a classic adobe house feels like? What about a historic townhouse in Charleston? Or a vibrant studio on Bourbon Street? Or a cozy lodge in the mountains? Or a relaxing beach bungalow?

When designing my short-term rental projects, I like to think outside of “normal” decor and esthetics and use durable and unique materials. I love fitting little hideaways into a space like book nooks or lofts. Can I hang a hammock in the living room? Let's do it! Can we forgo a couch in favor of luxurious chaise lounges by a picture window? Going to make it happen! A great bunk bed with soft bedside sconces, or even a screened-in sleeping porch are all welcome surprises for vacation properties, and picture opportunities for guests, making the place unforgettable and the entire trip more fun. 

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