Ventura Recovery Center:

Lifelong Freedom From Addiction

Ventura Recovery Center is an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center that specializes in addiction detoxification, residential treatment and especially long-term recovery. Bridging the gap between primary treatment and independent living, they gradually reintegrate clients into an alcohol and drug-free world with new coping skills, self-esteem and long-term recovery tools. People, places and situations no longer trigger reactions that cause cravings.

Rated in the top 1% of drug addiction treatment centers by Newsweek in 2020, Ventura Recovery Center offers medically supervised alcohol and drug treatment accredited by The Joint Commission. Their success helping clients transition into a sober lifestyle stems from a highly effective care model that combines sober living with comprehensive addiction treatment services. It is a model that merges accountability and boundaries with a program of action that helps their clients to achieve productive, alcohol-free and successful lives.

As Ventura Recovery Center states, “We offer treatment programs that will make a difference in your life because we recognize that each case is different and requires a customized approach. Your case will be thoroughly evaluated before your recovery program begins. We respect your anonymity, and we understand your situation because we have been there.”

The likelihood of knowing someone who is struggling with addiction is very high. Identifying the symptoms of addiction helps us recognize whether someone needs help. Signs to be aware of include an increased tolerance to the alcohol or drug, intense cravings, damaged relationships, neglected responsibilities, loss of control (unable to keep limits on use), risky behaviors and so forth.

Whatever the symptoms may be, VRC’s Addiction Specialist encourages people to reach out. “Just start with a phone call and we can figure out the rest together, including assistance in planning an intervention for a loved one.” Understanding that alcohol and drug addiction is not a moral failing but a chronic disease, Ventura Recovery Center’s experienced, compassionate staff is dedicated to providing a responsive, supportive approach to help people break free from addiction.

Healing Home

VRC’s cozy home setting includes meals cooked by their in-house chef, counseling and a steady schedule of activities that allow clients the time and space to rest and stabilize their lives away from the triggers of their former environment. Many find that VRC feels like a home away from home, a sentiment the staff aims to nurture.

“Once you come to VRC, you are family here,” says the program director. VRC’s robust alumni community is a testament to the strong bonds forged in the program.

Client testimonials:

“I have been to eight different rehabs for drug addiction. Today, 2 years after walking through the doors of VRC, I am taking my 2-year chip. Ventura Recovery Center helped me to medically detox safely, get sober and stay sober. It is absolutely the only place that has worked. They helped me figure out how to get where I am today—sober, happy and fulfilled.

I am so grateful that 2 years ago, VRC is the place that I landed. They genuinely care about their clients and value long-term sobriety. The staff and owners are extremely passionate. I highly recommend this place if you have a genuine desire to get sober and stay sober.”

—Aaron, former Ventura Recovery Center client


Where to start? My drinking issue had been a problem for many, many years…and after many attempts to get sober, I finally found myself at VRC. Now the reason behind never gaining long-term sobriety before could be equated to many things. I always had seen myself as not as bad as others, or that drinking was my only problem, etc. I was the epitome of an alcoholic trying to defend their right to drink.

VRC is the place for any alcoholic or addict who is ready; they provide great staff who make sobriety look attractive, healthy meals and a very safe environment. Rehab is not a ticket to sobriety, it is a healthy way to start it but you must be willing to put in the work. Thank you for everyone at VRC.”

—Steve, former Ventura Recovery Center client

With overdose and addiction rates at record highs, Ventura Recovery Center serves as a valuable community resource for long-term healing and recovery.

For more information, visit VenturaRecoveryCenter.com or call 866.516.5108.

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