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Veritas - Mark and France Clausen

A Dripping Springs Power Couple

After 17 years in Dripping Springs, Mark and France Clausen have a lot of reasons to be grateful. “We often told our friends back in California that we moved into a Norman Rockwell painting. It’s amazing,” France said.

The couple met in 1993 and married in 1996. As partners and teammates, they quickly dove into real estate development. Serving others came naturally for France. Her parents worked in real estate, and she earned a master’s degree in social work.

Mark overcame a difficult childhood and enrolled in the Navy. He achieved an extraordinary level of success, serving as a Navy SEAL for seven years. After his time with the SEALs, he continued to serve as a police officer until an accident badly injured his knee and left him medically retired.

In 2005, after more than a decade of successful real estate deals, the Clausen's decided to leave California. They wanted a small-town environment to raise their young children, Maya and Griffin. After extensive research, they picked the Austin area. They toured communities for several days before their last stop, Dripping Springs.

Instantly, they fell in love with the rolling hills and huge oaks. They bought the first house they saw in the Polo Club neighborhood. They’ve been there ever since.

“We are grateful that we had the ability to slow our lives down, allowing our kids to be kids and grow up at their own pace. We loved the sense of community that Dripping Springs provided not only to us but to our children,” France said.

Like those magnificent oaks, their family grew. And so did Dripping. As Mark told me, “Growth is inevitable. You might as well embrace it.”

The San Diego real estate market imploded, jeopardizing the Clausen’s retirement plans. Suddenly facing an uncertain financial future, they embraced the growth around them.

They shared a passion for the community, real estate, and teamwork. The couple built their own company using France’s marketing and personal skills and the resilience learned from Mark’s SEAL training. Together, they grew their passions into the top-producing Veritas Group.

“This town continues to have a deep sense of community. We are grateful to headquarter our business here and work with incredible partners and clients that share our love for Dripping Springs,” France said.

They also taught their children the importance of teamwork through athletics. Maya excelled in volleyball, winning the state championship at Dripping Springs High School. Mark spent five football seasons coaching Griffin, who also won a state title at Regents School of Austin. France credits the community with their children’s success.

“When our kids were small, they thrived in school. From Dripping Springs Youth Sports Association football to Girl Scouts and volleyball, our kids always knew someone was looking out for them.”

The Clausens’ holiday traditions include Christmas on Mercer and a visit to the PEC lights in Johnson City. They also host an annual Veritas holiday party.

Mark and France feel so grateful to serve the community and the town that’s given their family so much.