Very Sound Advice

bringing your vision to reality for your home theater, audio systems, flat panels, and surveillance needs. 

David and Jeff Hollandsworth, along with their four sisters, grew up traveling the country performing in various high-energy venues. The group eventually disbanded, and David ventured out on his own. After playing a show with Charlie Daniels, David, unlike most performers, came to Nashville at the age of twenty-two to step away from the life of a traveling musician and be near his older brother, Jeff, and one of their four sisters. David’s quick wit and charm landed him a sales position for a local retailer selling audio and visual equipment. Seeing multiple jobs not done to the standard he sold and expectations he set, he soon realized the potential and need for a best-in-class experience for residential and commercial technology sales and installations and founded Very Sound Advice TN in 2000.

Struggling to find workers committed to the same level of excellence instilled by his father, David partnered with Jeff. Their attention to detail, cleanliness, and specialization in hiding wires has them consistently scheduled three weeks in advance. While there is demand for more, David and Jeff believe quality over quantity ensures a job well done. 

David and Jeff offer comprehensive capabilities, twenty years of experience, and deep industry knowledge to solve the most complex issues and bring your vision into reality for your home theater, audio systems, flat panels, and surveillance needs. 

Committed to perfection and their clients, they specialize in designing a system based on their client's needs. They never oversell and will definitely make you laugh. Who knows? You might even get Jeff to tickle the ivories or David to make the fiddle sing if one is nearby. 

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