Vibe Tribe

Feeding Bodies and Friendships

 “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” -Hippocrates  

One of history’s oldest physicians, Hippocrates firmly believed in the power of food as our main source of energy, fuel, and healing. Vibe Nutrition in the Boro utilizes this belief every day in its collection of plant-based teas, shakes, and meal replacement options. The owner of the shop, Mackenzie Condor is a living testimony of how life-changing the proper intake of nutrition can be. Between attending college at Belmont and working on Broadway, Makenzie was extremely busy and found herself not taking care of herself very well. Gaining weight, acne, and a major loss of energy were symptoms affecting her every day. Her best friend and sister introduced her to Vibe Nutrition, impacting her in endless ways. Mackenzie lost over thirty pounds, bought the store, and ended up meeting her future husband there as well. She went from a customer to running Vibe Nutrition at only 21 years old. Mackenzie’s husband actually worked in a nutrition shop growing up and was able to add his knowledge and experience to the company as well. So many friendships have been built through Vibe  Nutrition that Mackenzie refers to it as the “Vibe Tribe.” Mackenzie also orchestrates events with local estheticians and dietitians in order to educate consumers. Her goal for Vibe Nutrition  is, “Change lives one shake at a time." 

For more information about Vibe Nutrition and their drinks head to their website at or their Instagram at @vibeintheboro. 

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