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A warm welcome on a snowy Vermont evening

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Victorian Style Modern Comfort

A Valentine’s Day Escape at The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa

Blending the charm of small town New England with modern luxury, the Equinox Golf Resort & Spa recalls the grand hotels of the Victorian era. Rich in history, the hotel has hosted presidents, luminaries, royals, and rebels since before the Revolutionary War. The Equinox offers sophisticated dining, contemporary amenities, and the stunning natural beauty of Vermont’s countryside. In an area known for historic inns and modern ski resorts the Equinox distinguishes itself with the elegance and hospitality of an earlier time.

The original site of the resort was William Marsh’s Inn built in 1769. Vermont’s Green Mountain Boys used the tavern to plot against the British. Later the resort hosted wealthy New Yorkers escaping the city to breathe the fresh mountain air and admire the foliage. In the mid 19th century the property expanded and was renamed after Mount Equinox, the tallest peak in the Taconic mountain range. The hotel has hosted four separate US Presidents and members of the Royal Family. The family of President Lincoln made multiple visits to the resort and his son settled nearby.

The hotel’s classic design, dignified colonnade and immaculately restored interior blend seamlessly with the modern spa and facilities. In keeping with current times, outdoor options for guests include nightly fireside cocktails and open-air movies. The rooms are plush and come with a view of the surrounding mountains or the lovely main street of Manchester. Those looking for peace and quiet will find it in abundance with plenty of spots to relax and decompress.

The resort has ample options for those looking to be more active. The excellent facilities include an indoor pool, yoga studio, fitness center and spa. Nearby are several golf courses for the summer months and well known mountains for the skiers and snowboarders. If you’re looking for something more unique, you can arrange to learn the basics of fly fishing or try your hand at falconry. For thrill seekers, the resort also offers guests the opportunity to experience driving off-road in a Land Rover for a bumpy but exciting tour of the Vermont countryside.

These days, everyone is mindful of precautions for health. With dining options inside and out the Equinox clearly has their guests safety in mind. The Marsh Tavern offers outdoor breakfast with people seated beside the towering columns on the front porch.  In the evening, the Falcon Bar provides live music and outdoor fire-pits to keep you warm in colder weather. The bartenders serve cocktails alongside wine flights and tasty local craft beer. For more formal dining, the Chop House offers a deliciously diverse menu enhanced by local ingredients and flavors that change with the seasons.

If you ask around, you’ll find a surprising number of people have not only visited The Equinox but have revisited often. Only a few hours from Westport, it’s the ideal place for a golf getaway or fishing trip. For skiers it can be a convenient and relaxing home base close to the slopes. You really don’t need a reason to visit other than the desire for a massage, a delicious meal and a good book beside a warm hearth.

  • A warm welcome on a snowy Vermont evening
  • The Falcon Bar serves specialty cocktails, top shelf spirits and interesting local beers.
  • The hotel is bright, warm and elegant.
  • Multiple fireplaces offer a relaxing refuge.
  • The indoor pool and spa is perfect for easing the aches from nearby ski resorts.