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Hello, From The Penthouse

The wise words of a teacher lingered in my mind as I stood at the shore, posing for a photo with my lifelong best girlfriends. A sociology teacher in high school once said that if you can reach his age and count on one hand your very best friends who would do anything in the world for you, you are a rich person. Unlike most things I learned in high school, that one statement stuck with me. These four women, who joined me for a special stay in the penthouse at Jade East Towers in Destin, are just that for me. Cherished bonds that stretch from ages 4, 6, 12, and another of 32 years long. Now I’ve truly dated myself!

Not only did the crystal white sand and aqua blue waters of Destin stun, but we were blown away by the opulent 3,000 square foot penthouse of 1910 Jade East Towers, our spectacular accommodations for the weekend. The spacious property featured four large bedrooms with king beds, an enormous kitchen, and breathtaking views from the 19th floor that were truly to die for. The wrap-around balcony with panoramic views made it easy to watch the sunrise and sunset, and even a beach wedding that took place below us early one evening. 

As a quick getaway from the sun, the girls and I also enjoyed an hourglass fusing class at Glass Deer Glassblowing on 30A. Brit, the owner, showed us around her cool studio and taught us how to score and cut glass. We all went home with amazing pieces that we created, then headed to a fabulous dinner at the Vue of 30A. 

The wealth in my life is measured by the love and loyalty of these incredible women, making every moment in this fabulous penthouse and at the beach priceless. The hospitality of Newman-Dailey Resort Properties made our stay unforgettable.

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