Vintage Vehicles To Mobile Bars

Sugar Moon Bar Carts Ready for Summer

Rye is an uncommon crop in Colorado, but sugar beets are plentiful, so back during the prohibition era, moonshiners along the front range had to get creative. Spirits made from sugar beets became known as “sugar moon” by locals in the 1920s. When Kelli Crosby learned about this token of Colorado history, she knew Sugar Moon would be the perfect name for her vintage mobile fleet.

Kelli and her husband, Scott, love a good party. They also have a knack for turning one-of-a-kind vintage vehicles into mobile bars with big personalities. With a background in physical therapy, Kelli has always had a talent for “mechanics,” but when she had the idea to transform an old camper into a mobile bar cart that could be rented for events, her creative side really began to shine.

One remodeled 1958 Mercury Canned-Ham Camper and a refurbished 1962 Cushman Truckster later, the Sugar Moon Mobile Bar fleet was officially complete and ready to grace an array of events with their presence.

“My husband and I have always had a love for entertaining and DIY projects, so this is a business venture that combines the two and infuses fun and blissful memories into people’s lives.”

If you didn't already know, mobile bar carts are all the rage, and for good reason. They're a great alternative to a traditional bar, they can go virtually anywhere, and they undoubtedly add to the ambiance of any event. People naturally congregate around the bar, so Kelli thought: Why not make it unique?

Designed and reconstructed by Kelli herself, the 1958 camper, dubbed “Betty,” and the teal 1962 Truckster “Otho” are the photo props of Instagram dreams. Sugar Moon’s vintage trucks are a novelty your event guests will fall in love with. 

“We do weddings, but we also do bridal and baby showers, corporate events, birthday parties, you name it,” Kelli explains. “We were very intentional with our design, so our bars are fully functional, paying special attention to bartender needs and wants. But the best part about our mobile bars is that they are so darn cute!”

With taps to pour perfectly chilled prosecco, craft beer, cocktails, cold brew coffee, kombucha, or even hot chocolate, Kelli constructed and designed her mobile bars so that she could outfit them for any occasion.

“I call them outfits, and joke that it’s like playing dress-up,” she laughs, “I have nine different outfits for the Truckster; I’ve even designed a flower box and a wall for donuts.”

Sugar Moon Bar Carts will surely create a moment at your event. A memorable alternative to keg party pumps or tubs of ice on folding tables, they’re a functional prop you’ll want to show off time and time again.

Facebook + Instagram: @sugarmoonmobilebarco 

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