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Virtual Yoga For the Family

As our days begin to get longer, spring has arrived here. In this time of extremely high stress and so much uncertainty, living together peacefully and lovingly can be challenging. It may be hard to feel grounded and calm in the midst of chaos. The good news is that yoga supports a healthy immune system, so by keeping up your practice at home you are keeping your family physically healthy and emotionally secure during this time.

Harmony Family Yoga is proud to announce the beginning of our Online Live Yoga Classes as we continue to be the safe place and nurturing community to bring your children and family all the peace and joy VIRTUALLY! Children and Family Yoga Classes are held weekly, streaming live from us to you! Our Live Streaming Classes can be accessed via your phone, computer, or tablet device.

“Unlike most online yoga classes, Harmony Family Yoga Virtual Studio offers not only pre-recorded but also live streaming sessions. Students with a web camera on will be seen by the instructor while they practice and receive feedback. We know that a real class is ideal and we will try to make this one feel as close to real as possible."

Tips on Practicing Yoga

  • You do not need to be flexible. All postures are supported to meet where you are at that day and moment in your practice.

  • You do not need to have an active yoga practice, background or knowledge.

A Balanced Healthy Mind

Yoga is a journey from the self to the self. It's not about the destination. Focus on progress, not perfection.

Stay Well

Practicing and eating in tune with the seasons is ideal for the immune system. If you are feeling stressed or run-down, make sure to rest adequately.


Take time each morning and join the world to set an intention for your day help you to focus on showing yourself the love you readily show those around you during this special time.

Let’s work through the stress and anxiety with yoga and mindfulness meditation to help let go of fear and find peace within.

We've created discounts on all online streaming yoga sessions to encourage your home practice while continuing our social distancing.

50% OFF

First Family Yoga Online use the promo code yoga4family
Private Virtual Class is available by appointment.
45 to 60 minute Virtual Yoga and Mediation
(Children and Teen Yoga, Family Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing)

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Find Peace Within - Namaste.