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Local Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your time. Here are 6 ways you can help out your community.

Volunteering is one of the most impactful ways to make an immediate, positive difference in the world around you. Every community has many volunteer opportunities, from helping the homeless to caring for animals at a local animal shelter. Whatever activity interests you, you’ll never know how much it helps others until you try it out yourself!  


Created in 2016 by Jamie Lehman, For Goodness Cakes is a national non-profit organization providing cakes to underprivileged children. With over 15 chapters throughout the United States, the organization has donated over 9,000 cakes to those in need. The Houston chapter, created in 2016, always needs volunteer bakers to join the "Sprinkle Squad" to bake cakes and create holiday cookie kits. 

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The Love Box is a program created by the Houston Angels, which provides support for foster children, youth, and families. Love Box volunteers will fill boxes with encouraging notes, groceries, household items, and gifts. Volunteers will visit their assigned foster families monthly for one year and interact with the family and foster children. Not only does this program provide tangible goods, but the in-person visits include intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship. 

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Founded in 1907, Star of Hope is a Christ-centered community helping and meeting the needs of homeless men, women, and children. Services include counseling, a spiritual life program, career development, workforce development, on-site daycare, parenting classes, and much more. Volunteer opportunities include shopping from their Amazon wish list, where donors may choose crucial products from their customized wish list and send them directly to their warehouse, where families are currently receiving refuge. 

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Since 1979, Keep Houston Beautiful has been the leading organization in cleaning and beautifying Houston. Its mission is to raise awareness of the importance of keeping our city litter free and beautiful. The organization has several ways to get involved, including the Adoption program. Through this program, you can adopt a local storm drain or entire block near your home and pledge to keep it clear of leaves and placing any trash in your own garbage bin​.

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Houston Pets Alive is an organization founded by Andrea Birkelbach back in 2014. Its mission is to save the lives of cats and dogs who are at risk of euthanasia and pet homelessness and find them loving homes. Houston Pets Alive works alongside the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter (BARC), Harris County Animal Shelters, and smaller shelters and pounds. Volunteer opportunities include walking and playing with the dogs, along with kennel cleaning and medical services.    

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Since 2006, Kids Mealsmission is to end childhood hunger in Houston by making and delivering free healthy meals to homes of hungry children. Harris County alone has over 24,000 preschool-aged children who don't have enough access to food. So far, Kids Meals has given more than 7.2 million free meals. Thousands of meals must be prepared and packaged each week, requiring hundreds of volunteers to work in the kitchen and packing room. 

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