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Summer break the perfect time to get the whole family involved in community service.

Cleveland County has some amazing opportunities for service work, and I’ve found three that offer opportunities for those ages 12 and up. From little ones hiding books, to teens investing in their future, to grown-ups getting up-close and personal with nature, here are some options to get the whole family involved.

Little Read Wagon

Little Read Wagon aims to help close the literacy gap created by poverty and to share a love for books and reading with marginalized populations. The nonprofit allows children to choose their own new and used books from the organization’s book wagon. Children can volunteer with Little Read Wagon, hiding books for other children to discover, in area parks. Families can obtain books from the nonprofit that are already pre-packaged and ready to hide in are parks, or children can choose their own lightly used books and receive directions on how to package and hide them. 

@LittleReadWagon / littlereadwagon20@gmail.com / 601.667.9151 / LittleReadWagonOK.com


Loveworks programs are designed to empower the creativity, resourcefulness and potential within each student in an effort to develop their character, academic and leadership abilities, helping to ensure their future success. In addition to internships, Loveworks offers programs ranging from developing leadership skills to the culinary arts. Hundreds of volunteers and community professionals help facilitate initiatives that include experiential leadership projects, community outreach, personal character development, career components and mentorship. Have a blast inspiring dreams and shaping the next generation of young leaders.

@LoveworksLeadership / 405.397.9576 / LoveworksLeadership.org


WildCare admits and treats over 7,500 wild animals (some 240 different species) annually. Most wild patients have been injured or orphaned because of human activity and increasing urbanization of their natural habitats. WildCare also cares for wild animals that have been struck by cars, attacked by cats and dogs, shot, injured from window collisions, poisoned, or injured in work accidents or from unnecessary trapping. WildCare is open to admit new patients 365 days a year. Volunteers over the age of 18 are needed in two different roles: as an animal care volunteer, whose duties include feedings, cleaning and maintenance, and volunteer transport assistants, who transport injured animals to WildCare for treatment. WildCare’s mission is to “provide people a place to bring native wildlife struggling to survive with the goal of releasing healthy individuals back to nature.” The organization is supported entirely by donations.

405.872.9338 / WildCareOklahoma.org

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