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Putting A New Twist On An Old Classic

A Whiskey Old Fashioned with Jasmine Tea & Vanilla 


~ 1 oz McConnell’s sherry cask Irish whiskey
~ .25oz Jasmine tea
~ 1 oz rose hip liquor (recipe provided below)
~ .25oz vanilla simple syrup
~ 1 hit angostura bitters

Rose Hip Liqueur

~fill a mason jar with cut and sifted rose hips

pour vodka until rose hips are submerged

let sit for 2-3 days, shaking jar frequently

strain vodka, discard rose hips

add equal parts simple syrup (2:1 water & white sugar)

stir, let cool, enjoy

*store in fridge for up to six months*

Rosie’s doors opened in the winter of 2019, offering expert haircuts up front and a beer and wine bar in the back. After Covid, owner Taylor Groves decided it was time for a rebrand, after a  year of renovating the bar at night, she eventually completed the task of building Loveland’s first and premier speakeasy cocktail bar. Looping in longtime friend Troy Sinatra with the task of curating a fun and approachable bar program, Rosie’s is excited to serve the community something unique and original in a warm and welcoming environment. 

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