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Artist Rachel Parker Paints Warmth From Watercolors

Soft, Lifelike, Vibrant and Inspiring

As a self-taught artist, Rachel Parker gets her innate talent honestly. She comes from a family of Lake Murray artists, with her mother an award-winning portraitist and her father an award-winning photographer.

"I've always loved to draw and paint but never took myself seriously as an artist." —Rachel Parker

One night, about 20 years ago, Rachel decided to place a painting on eBay for $1. When the bids hit $30, she was hooked.

"I was so excited—I didn't sleep at all that night," Rachel says.

Rachel now sells her artwork to people in countries around the globe including Switzerland, China, Costa Rica, Australia, Japan and France. She says she hopes her art brings customers as much joy as it gives her in creating it.

While Rachel is well-known for her cat art, she also paints other animals, people, wildlife, florals and landscapes. To see her variety of skills, visit