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Watch Me Fly! The Cael Ryan Uzuanis Foundation

Michael & Misty Uzuanis, Founders of Salon Mystique to bring Community Center to Dripping Springs


Our mission is simple… build a Community Center in Dripping Springs, TX where we will institute programs that will tackle the issues of learning disabilities and mental/emotional health, so our children will develop the skills necessary to overcome the increasingly difficult task of navigating today’s social and educational environments.

We will teach them to   “Spread their Wings and FLY!”

Many of today’s youth are plagued with the condition of emotional and mental weakness. All of our programs will carry the common purpose of teaching methods to build the emotional and mental strength required to successfully navigate our world with success, happiness and wellbeing.

In honor of Cael Uzuanis' birthday - every year on February 10th, starting in 2022 we will announce the winners of our Watch Me Fly Scholarship.  This scholarship is intended to give those with exceptional potential, drive and character the financial boost needed to set them on their way to greatness.  These individuals will be chosen by the board of directors.

100% of all donations go towards our programs and scholarships. We will always accept volunteer help when appropriate and compensate the community center staff members in a fair manner.

Our program will incorporate the following disciplines specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our participants.

·       Specialized Tutoring

·       Counseling Services

·       Drug & Alcohol Prevention / Rehabilitation

·       Suicide Prevention

·       Self Defense/Character Building Classes

·       Meditation Classes & much more!

Please visit to learn more!

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