Daughter-Father Team Strives to Create Great Wine and Community

Water 2 Wine — One Lovingly Crafted Bottle at a Time

Malissa Nugent says she’s learned to expect the unexpected every day at Water 2 Wine Winery.

She’s had fermenting wine explode in her face. And she gets the occasional visitor who thinks Water 2 Wine is a church.

“We’re the right kind of church,” Malissa says laughing. “You get to drink wine at this church.”

But above all, Malissa says, Water 2 Wine is a welcoming atmosphere where people can come learn more about wine and unwind with friends.

“It’s a living room atmosphere. We want you to come in, learn about wine and relax,” Malissa says.

Malissa co-owns Water 2 Wine with her father, Dan Nugent, who never lets a Friday happy hour go by without making the rounds in one of his many kilts—he’s Scotch-Irish after all. Dan served in the U.S. Navy for 23 years.

“People’s reactions are hilarious,” Malissa says. “They love having conversations with my dad.”

Water 2 Wine buys concentrated juice from more than 100 wineries in 13 different countries. Then, Water 2 Wine customers can participate in mixing varietals into a customized blend and come back in 45-60 days when the wine is ready. Malissa says there is a seven-step process to the winemaking at Water 2 Wine, and what sets them apart from many other wineries is the low-sulfites.

“People who typically can’t handle wine because of headaches from sulfites love our wine,” Dan says.

Malissa says her 25 years of retail experience before owning Water 2 Wine has helped her created a customer experience that is hard to come by elsewhere.

This is a dream come true for Malissa, who was wanted to own a winery since before she was even 21.

“I love getting a chance to get to know people—especially people who are not wine drinkers; I love to help them find a wine they love,” Malissa says.

Water 2 Wine:

• Water 2 Wine Winery offers a customizable Wine Club that includes either one, two or three bottles a month.

• Become the winemaker when you buy your own Water 2 Wine batch. You get hands-on experience starting your own batch of wine, ready to pick up in six to eight weeks.

• Water 2 Wine also offers wine by the glass and live music regularly.

• For more information, go to Water2Wine.com/Denver/Winery-Events.

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