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Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy

Davis Mellick PA-C, co-owner of Welcome Health, shares some tips to fight winter illnesses

Article by Bailey Hall

Photography by Danielle Franklin and Mary Link

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

Stay Active

Davis Mellick PA-C says that taking a brisk walk can have a tremendous effect on our immune system. “Exercise is going to help us with our cardiovascular health; our mental health and give us more energy. There are multiple benefits to exercising,” says Davis. Monitoring your heart rate while exercising can be helpful but isn’t necessary.  When exercising, your skin should glisten a little bit and you should be slightly winded. Going outside and kicking a soccer ball around or playing basketball are also great options. 

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Davis tells us that having a good diet can decrease complications from illnesses and can help improve healing. “A balanced diet means lots of veggies. Avoid fast food and processed foods,” he suggests. To make sure our kids are also staying healthy and growing strong, we need to make sure they are eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables.  Avoiding the processed foods and fast foods. If you have picky eaters at home, Davis has some suggestions. “A great way to hide vegetables in soups is to chop them up really fine. You’d be amazed at how much spinach or kale you can hide before a kid notices it,” says Davis. “The other thing is retraining the taste buds. When we’re introducing a new food, we may have to introduce it anywhere from eight to twelve times before someone starts liking it.”   Get your kids involved in the kitchen. “Getting them involved in the process will make them more likely to want to eat it because they’re seeing some ownership there,” says Davis.

Portion control also plays a big part in our health. “We are inundated with inaccurate representations of portions in the US,” he explains. Some techniques he suggests to help with portion control include using a food scale and measuring cups when portioning your food and using smaller diameter plates, which can help you feel more satisfied. 

Wash Your Hands

By using just basic soap and water, we can wash away germs and prevent illnesses. “Teach your kids how to wash their hands and how to do so for an adequate amount of time,” says Davis. “Have them sing the ABCs twice while they scrub as a sign that they’ve done it long enough.”

Get Your Flu Vaccine

“We definitely are seeing a clear benefit in getting the flu vaccine, and considering flu season can go all the way into March, it’s never too late to get your flu vaccine,” says Davis.

Preventative Health

“The new year, is a great time to commit to preventive health as a family,” says Davis. “Get an appointment scheduled with a primary care provider or a pediatrician to get baseline lab work to monitor everything like cholesterol and diabetes. Those are all things that can not only decrease how frequently we may get sick, but it’s so much easier to manage and treat if we detect it early; especially in older adults as we start doing cancer screening, colonoscopies, and mammograms. That’s where routine screening can really play a role,” says Davis.

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