Drive-By History

Motor Through West Chester’s Rich History on a Driving Tour

Imagine what West Chester looked like before the subdivisions, businesses and intersections we know today were built upon our grassy hills and sweeping valleys. German, Irish and English settlers were first drawn to the area for its farming potential. West Chester is a part of Butler County, named after General Butler, a Revolutionary War hero. For more than a century, West Chester was known as Union Township.

The West Chester-Union Township Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of our area through education and research. Made up of volunteer historians, the Society is preparing West Chester School as the West Chester History Center. Located at 6670 Station Road, the historic building is the ideal spot to house a museum to teach West Chester’s past. President Mary Jo Bicknell hopes to open the Center soon. 

“We love history!” Mary Jo says. “We are excited to have acquired the West Chester Schoolhouse as a permanent home to show off our artifacts. We are hoping to be up and running by this fall.”

This summer, view our hometown through historical eyes. Follow the 19-stop driving tour of the township’s historical features, as presented in a downloadable brochure at the Historical Society’s website. The map and photos will guide you from the area’s first churches in Port Union and Gano, through landmarks in the heart of Olde West Chester, to cemeteries in Pisgah. Enjoy this adventurous tour of historical spots that have a story to tell.,

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