WDC Kitchen & Bath Center:

Evolving to Meet Customers’ Needs

For nearly four decades, satisfied customers have shopped for top quality appliances at WDC Kitchen & Bath Center. The family owned one-stop shop for all types of major appliances—kitchen and bath, outdoor barbecues, decorative plumbing fixtures, and even mattresses in a wide range of brands and prices, from entry level to luxury—operates five luxurious showrooms throughout Southern California.

Currently managed by the second generation of family members committed to upholding their inherited values of providing customers the best price, quality and overall experience, WDC Kitchen & Bath Center strives to evolve and improve in their efforts to meet customers’ needs, desires and expectations.

“While the retail landscape changes every single day, WDC is focused on adapting and innovating to meet the new expectations of our clients,” says VP of Sales John Freitas. “We are constantly working to achieve a Customer Experience that is nothing short of exceptional.”

In today’s climate, freezers and top freezer refrigerators are in very high demand, prompting a worldwide shortage, says WDC’s Erika Gordillo. Last March 2020 saw a 45% increase in freezer shipments from the previous year, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

“We are one of the few retailers in California that still carries them in stock and ready for delivery,” says Gordillo, noting WDC has limited freezer sales to one per household and encourages people to place their order as soon as possible. 

Today’s energy-efficient freezers cost much less to operate than older freezers, thus saving customers money in the long term when they replace their older models.

Both upright and chest freezers have their pros and cons, for example, upright freezers are easy to organize and may take less space than chest freezers, while chest freezers offer more usable space and can keep food frozen longer than an upright in the event of a power failure. These days, chest freezers come in smaller sizes, starting at 3.5 cubic ft., and are designed to be more lightweight and economical.

At WDC, customers can count on friendly, knowledgeable sales consultants trained by manufacturer professionals to answer questions about the best appliances for their needs and guide them through the buying process. Staff members take the time to truly listen to customers, treating them with the utmost respect and providing expertise throughout the buying experience.

“We believe in hiring professionals and training them into experts!” says Freitas. “Our entire staff is vigorously trained by manufacturer professionals to ensure that we remain a valuable resource to our customers throughout their new build or remodel,” he adds.

As part of their relationship-building with customers, WDC strives to educate customers before, during and after a sale to ensure that customers feel comfortable with their purchase even after their appliance is installed.

Another appliance experiencing a surge in demand due to Covid concerns is the washing machine equipped with special sanitizing cycles.

“Laundry appliances have several features that people may not be aware of—the sanitize cycles can kill 99.9% of bacteria on clothing, and allergen cycles reduce 95% of house dust mite allergens and pet dander,” says Gordillo.

While traditional washing machines clean clothing, they may not eliminate certain germs and bacteria like E. coli and salmonella that can remain in the washer after doing a load of laundry. Sanitizing washers use steam or water heated to at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit to kill microorganisms and odor-causing bacteria. Sanitizing laundry carries increased importance during these days of Covid.

“With a heightened awareness on washing our hands, sanitizing and avoiding germs, sanitizing washing machines are a useful solution to ensuring your laundry is as clean as can be,” says Gordillo.

Washing machines equipped with sanitizing cycles vary by model in terms of time and temperature combinations and are tested by a third party to validate their effectiveness. Look for washers from manufacturers like Whirlpool, with an NSF seal of approval, indicating they kill 99.9% of microorganisms.

The Samsung Hygiene Steam Cycle is another great option to ensure clothes get a deep, powerful clean. It releases steam from the bottom of the drum to thoroughly saturate all items in the washer and removes grime and heavy dirt while reducing up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

WDC’s Look & Learn consultations provide an overview of different brands, covering the latest innovations and various price ranges and models. Consultants assist customers to examine their lifestyle for the years to come to ensure their selections are well-suited for the long term.

WDC Kitchen & Bath Center is located at 30621 Canwood Street in Agoura Hills, with additional showrooms in Moorpark, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and Torrance. Call 818.991.8846 or learn more at

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