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Big Green Egg Kamado Grill

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WDC’s Top 5 Choices to Make Your Holidays Easier!

Where did 2021 go? We blinked, and it’s October, which means the holidays are upon us. And with that said, comes holiday stress, more responsibilities, time commitments and possibly visits from family. Not to mention…holiday get-togethers, plus special dinners and meals for family and friends. Though this might all sound wonderful, unfortunately, it can also be very demanding and taxing on you. That’s why WDC has chosen the top five appliances to make your holidays easier. Yes, we’ve picked out five very versatile, and in some cases technologically advanced products that just might make the holidays easier and more peaceful. Okay, we can’t promise more peaceful, but a bit easier, yes! So here we go…these fantastic appliances and accessories are in no particular order (we’re not playing favorites here, that’s because we love them all!).


The LG ThinQ is so sophisticated, yet so easy to use, while making your life easier, and that really can help during the holidays. The LG ThinQ is an app on your phone that ties all of your LG appliances into one portal, allowing you control, access and vital information about your LG household products. From the app you can find out how much longer the turkey needs in the oven, or you can start making craft ice in your freezer for a party while you’re out running errands. You can even place all of your appliances on vacation mode to save energy, if you plan on being out of town during the holidays. All of this can also be hooked up to Alexa, so you can find all of this information out and more, just by asking. To put it mildly, the LG ThinQ is a modern marvel for any household, any day of the year, but especially during the holidays.


A split personality sounds a bit scary, but when it comes to cooking, it’s mighty handy. That’s where Jennair’s Euro-Style Steam & Convection Oven comes into play. This beautifully designed wall oven allows you to use both steam (keeping food moist and delicious), and the genius of convection cooking, surrounding food with hot air for perfect heating, and the ability to crisp and brown while keeping food moist. You can use steam plus convection baking together or separately. You’re in control of how you cook your favorite foods with 9 different cooking modes which enable you to steam, (perfect for veggies or fish) bake, steam plus convection, or prepare your meals any way you want to. The Jennair Steam & Convection Wall Oven doesn’t just do double duty, it does noncuple (yes, it’s a word, meaning nine times, for the 9 modes). This versatile wall oven is absolutely perfect for any special occasion when you want to cook a turkey or anything else you have up your sleeve for the holidays.


Yup, we went out on a limb and included an outdoor grill (we’re getting away with this because all of our showrooms are located in Southern California!). This grill isn’t just any grill, it’s the fabulous Big Green Egg, and it’s the ultimate cooking experience. It’s the best Kamado ceramic grill and smoker around. It’s ideal for the inventive renegade cook in your family who wants to outdo the neighbors this holiday season. The Big Green Egg doesn’t just grill, but it can prepare all your holiday favorites—Smoked Turkey, Roasts or Prime Rib. Not only can it cook traditional holiday entrees, it can tackle luscious desserts like Bourbon Apple Pie and Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. You can also prepare all of your side dishes on the Big Green Egg too, such as Wild Rice Turkey Stuffed Pumpkin or Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Mac & Cheese. Yes, please! Visit to find these holiday recipes, along with many other delicious ideas on how the Big Green Egg can elevate your holiday feast.


This might be a bit unconventional, but it’s not just an indoor pizza oven, it’s a hearth oven capable of doing so much more, we think it should make the list. Monogram’s hearth oven brings the classic wood fire experience into your very own kitchen, which sort of sounds like a Hallmark holiday movie waiting to happen. This hearth oven is truly unique because it’s the only electric indoor hearth oven that requires no external ventilation (one less thing to think about when installing). Each oven is handmade to order and incorporates a real pizza stone controlled by an LCD touchscreen, which is programmable, but also comes with easy preset settings. There is nothing you can’t cook in this hearth oven, from freshly baked breads and holiday pies, to smoked, barbecued or slow cooked meats, roasted veggies, baked potatoes and casseroles. But if you want to stick to pizza, I’m sure your holiday guests wouldn’t mind that either. The choice is up to you with the Monogram Smart Flush Hearth Oven, allowing for a ton of culinary creativity.


We’ve come to the adult portion of our article (well sort of, but not really). We can’t forget the very important role that wine, spirits and drinks play in a holiday meal. At WDC we offer Fisher & Paykel's outstanding wine refrigeration, columns and cabinetry. They have partnered with master sommeliers (fancy name for wine steward) and prestigious wine makers to manufacture wine cooling and storage systems that are an investment in your wine collection. With their deep understanding of what makes the perfect conditions for your wine, they have developed a state-of-the-art system that is completely customizable. The wine solutions include UV protection, limiting excessive light that can harm the bouquet and flavors, Dual Zones, independent areas for flexible temperature settings, along with low vibration, eliminating movement that can actually ruin the wine. Having perfectly chilled bottles at your fingertips for the holiday sounds like a dream come true, and it is super simple with Fisher & Paykel’s wine refrigeration that will turn your kitchen into pure luxury.

Visit any of the WDC showrooms throughout Southern California to learn more about our top picks to make the holidays easier. In the Conejo Valley, visit the Moorpark Showroom at 14349 White Sage Road or the flagship store in Agoura Hills at 30621 Canwood Street. 

Happy Holidays from WDC!

  • Big Green Egg Kamado Grill
  • Jennair's Steam & Convection Wall Oven
  • Monogram Hearth Oven
  • Fisher & Paykel's Wine Refrigeration
  • LG ThinQ App