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Alex Martinez, Nurit Coombe

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We Are Not Your Parents’ Agency

Potomac Real Estate Will Never Be The Same

Article by The Agency

Photography by Jack Hartzman

Originally published in Potomac Lifestyle

Nurit Coombe and Alex Martinez are rewriting the real estate rulebook.

As managing partners of The Agency DC, a residential real estate brokerage based in North Bethesda whose net sales were over $326 million last year, they constantly juggle emotions and hard data to sell homes and help clients.​​​

This goodwill was started by Mauricio Umansky, who launched The Agency in Los Angeles as a boutique luxury firm with global reach; with over 60 offices worldwide and featured on international television shows, including Million Dollar Listing LA, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the brand-new Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills.

On their bond with Umansky, "We've been best friends from the hello," says Coombe; Umansky has worked with Martinez and Coombe since 2019. Their trust is built on mutually held convictions in pursuing success while remaining down to earth in an ever-changing business. 

Umansky agrees, saying, "Nurit and Alex caught our attention with what they have been able to achieve, and we know they will be a great steward of The Agency brand and culture." 

As an ominous cloud has hovered over the economy and housing market, Coombe and Martinez remain optimistic about real estate, particularly in Potomac. They recently hosted a seminar for 54 potential homeowners on the market's outlook for 2023 based on number crunching with economic experts.  

"The real estate market has surely slowed down in many areas nationwide, including this one," says Coombe, "But if you are looking to sell, you are still sitting on top of the market as prices are 38% higher than pre-pandemic pricing."

"And if you are a buyer," adds Martinez, "currently, there are great mortgage programs to lower your rate. This market allows you to take your time so that you can negotiate for better terms. You can always refinance later when rates go down again." Both Coombe and Martinez agree you should "marry the house, but date the mortgage."

Meanwhile, the partners flex their creative side to develop a customized marketing strategy that conjures the spirit of a client's home. "Every house has a story to tell," Coombe explains, "Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest decisions in life. It's a very emotional experience."

At The Agency, they are rekindling the art of white-glove real estate service at every price point. Martinez says, "It's about anticipating our client's needs and going the extra mile for them," adding, "And behind each one of our agents is the knowledge and resources of an entire global team."

The Agency's foray into the Potomac market was inevitable as properties in the area offer vast acreage and easy access to the nation's capital – both of interest to the affluent buyer. "However, luxury isn't about a price. It's about an experience," Coombe explains, "and everyone gets the red carpet treatment."

Coombe and Martinez rely on finely tuned instincts to market a property, sometimes even suggesting the simple yet effective use of a different lightbulb to change the look of a room. With over 22 years in the real estate business, Coombe and Martinez can manage the sale of a property from start to finish. They know how to stage your home, what projects will bring the highest return on investment, and can coordinate the necessary arrangements. The Agency works with a wide assortment of painters, interior decorators, and other contractors to turn a house into a home – with an extra focus on visual storytelling.

What's ahead for this powerhouse partnership? Over the next year, they will develop a new office in the Dominican Republic while expanding their DC and Frederick offices. 

The Agency DC will also continue to educate local residents through a variety of seminars on preparing a home for sale and community development, such as what's going on in the Potomac area – new schools, shopping centers, highways, and other long-term projects. The Agency DC partners believe "it's important to stay active members of the communities we serve and provide as much information and assistance as possible. Real estate can be wild, so why not enjoy the ride?"

  • Alex Martinez, Nurit Coombe
  • Alex Martinez
  • Alex Martinez, Nurit Coombe
  • Nurit Coombe
  • Alex Martinez, Nurit Coombe
  • Nurit Coombe
  • The Agency DC
  • Alex Martinez, Nurit Coombe
  • Nurit Coombe
  • Nurit Coombe
  • Nurit Coombe, Alex Martinez

"We will continue to provide our Potomac clients with revolutionized real estate…After all, more of the same is never an option.” - Nurit Coombe

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