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The Newest Wrinkle in Spring Styles

Thanks to social media, runway-to-closet websites, and a rapacious post-pandemic hunger for style, there are no “requisite” spring trends. Bouncing around, however, are many micro-trends and smart ways to refresh your seasonal staples without falling victim to ankle-cracking platform heels and unflattering colors.

Kitt Shapiro, fashion expert and owner of WEST, has curated a selection of micro-trendy pieces that are hip, flattering, wearable and, best of all, can be outfitted all over the place.

Day is the New Night

Sequins, metallics, and sheer fabrics are no longer nocturnal, and don’t save the floor-length skirt for formal occasions. Ground a sequin sweater with jeans and a maxi skirt with a cotton camisole or blazer. Throw on a sweatshirt with a sheer skirt to make it casual (and remember to wear something beneath it.)

Denim is Big. Literally

The look of the moment is also the comfiest: wide-legged and slouchy. But denim in almost any style is still wildly popular. Wear it with a white blouse - crisp with a twist, also a season stand-out.

At Wit’s Trend

Humor's the word, whether it’s with illustration, print, or pattern mash-ups. Whimsical tees underpin blazers and colorful cardigans, or pair one with a maxi skirt and shoulder-dusting earrings for date night.  As for prints, wear them with jeans or, heck, another print. Just make sure there’s a through line, such as color, or make sure one of the prints is a “neutral” pattern like stripes or leopard.

Splash of Black

Spring’s all about color and, this year, void of color.

Splash of Color

Fill the black hole with a bitty bag you can wear with most everything. Make sure it’s large enough to hold your phone, car keys, and credit card… reading glasses, used mini hotel lotion, EpiPen, inhaler, unwrapped candies, and expired CVS receipts.

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  • Maxi and black.
  • Sparkle and shine all the time.
  • Crisp white shirts with a twist.
  • Tiny purses for every day, every outfit.
  • Kitt Shapiro, owner of WEST