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A unique find turned into a one-of-a-kind dream home

Todd and Pamela Simning, founders of the luxury home builder ADŌR – Bespoke Homes, created their dream home in Excelsior.

Todd and Pamela’s modern, classic, yet contemporary home is a show-stopper in the neighborhood and was part of this year’s Artisan Home Tour. “This [lot] was a unique find between the location, amenities and price,” said Todd. “I just couldn’t let it go. I just knew this would be a good spot for us.”

The home features one-level living—the master bedroom, laundry, kitchen, living room, everything is on the main level. “I think what I am going to like the most is the one-level living,” said Pamela. 

Even during the Artisan Home Tour, while most people tend to be awestruck by the bigger multi-level homes, the Simning’s found more people were lingering and asking a lot of questions during the tour. “I was hesitant to have it on the tour at first, I suspected we would be the smallest house," said Todd. “I know people like to see the biggest house. Pamela encouraged me to put it on the tour, and we are so glad we did,” said Todd. “I have never had more conversations with people about the livability, the amenities and the craftsmanship,” said Todd. “I am surprised people enjoyed it so much! We had quite a few couples come back at least two times,” said Pamela.

While the home is in total 3,650-square feet, what truly sets it apart is the details and craftsmanship. The fireplace inspiration was found in a mountain lodge in Montana, a gorgeous dining chandelier was imported from Italy, and all of the custom metal work just set it apart. “There is so much eye candy in the first six steps when you come in the house,” said Todd. “From the super cool office, the floor to ceiling windows, you get a visual of our dining room table we had custom made locally…and honestly when you walk in the house, so many pieces come together almost immediately.” 

Todd and Pamela plan to use the home to showcase all that ADŌR – Bespoke Homes can offer clients. To learn more about ADŌR – Bespoke Homes, visit

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