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Welcome Home, Baby

Nurseries are undoubtedly one of the sweetest spaces to dream up. They are also such an important part of the nesting process for expecting parents. Lanie Draper and the design team at Rooted KC were thrilled when their client let them surprise them with this sweet space as they focused on other ways to prepare for their baby boy’s arrival. With almost unlimited creative freedom, their client’s only request was an earthy color palette and a room that would grow with their child.

"Before we went crazy in design land, we laid out the room to ensure our ideas for the layout would be functional as the roofline interfered with all but one of the walls," Draper explains. "I love minor trials like this because these little quirks always result in a charming nook that make a space even more adorable."

Most nurseries are designed with the crib as the center focus. Instead, they created heavy drama around the tallest wall in the room with a hand painted buffalo check wall.  

"We love how this focal point elongated the room and made you forget about the shorter ceilings," Draper says. 

With the addition of paint, this once beige box quickly transformed into a nursery full of personality. From there, they began layering green, gold and wood accents. A favorite in this nursery are the gold swing arm sconces above the nightstands. When the little guy outgrows his crib, a full-size bed will fit perfectly inside the nightstands. 

The last piece or decor they found was the cute little bear art, and they instantly knew it would be the sweetest addition to this space. At the nursery reveal, their clients went gaga over the bear because one of the names they were considering and ultimately chose was the name Barrett for him.  

"We hope you find our nursery and design tips inspirational as you prepare to create a truly unique and adorable space of your own."

Signature Pieces

      1.  Sconces. Low light? No problem. These wall sconces provide both task and ambient lighting.  

      2.   Dresser. Upcycle family pieces such as this dresser. A fresh coat of paint, new hardware and voila! 

      3.   Bookshelves. These custom wood and leather bookshelves are a perfect match for the rest of the room. Aside from being adorable, their placement is ideal for curious little ones to pick up and put back. 

      4.  Rug. Shag rugs are perfect for a nursery. This rug is not only soft, but it’s non-competing pattern complements the buffalo check wall. 

Designer Tips

1. Babies might be small, but they sure do require a lot of stuff.  Conceal the every day clutter with cute baskets. We opted for hung baskets to keep those sweet tiny hands from pulling everything back out. 

2. Creating an eye-catching nursery can have an impact on your pocket book, so it’s important to create a space they can grow into. Swap the crib for a big kid bed and adjust a few little accessories and you’re good to go! 

3. Space plan ahead of time to make the most of cozy corners. Sometimes unexpected placement of furniture creates the most unique room.