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Feeding the hearts of Cypress through great BBQ

Article by Laura SanchezQuan

Photography by Shannon Raske | Lunalux Photography

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Trent Brooks is a man of resilience, hard-work, and dedication. He has an unwavering love for Jesus, community and for good BBQ. As the owner of Brooks' Place, LLC Trent is constantly adapting to a changing world and economy. Aside from his faith, another constant in his life is outstanding BBQ.

Brooks’ Place was originally opened in 2009, by Trent and his wife Norma of 25 years. Devastatingly, in 2017, Norma passed away after a vicious battle with cancer. As Trent describes her, Norma was a strong and very wise woman; she was his rock and his everything. “It’s hard to find a love like that today,” Trent says, forever changed since her passing. 

A year or so after his beloved Norma passed-away, Trent had a dream. In the dream, Norma came to him and said; “peaches and bacon.” The night of the dream was also the night before a big local event, A Taste of Cy-Fair, where Trent had committed to serve a “two-ounce bite.” In the weeks leading up to the event, Trent hadn’t been able to choose just the right dish to offer. The morning of the event (which was also the morning after the dream) he woke from the dream a little bewildered and slightly confused. As the dedicated husband he always was, he followed Norma’s advice from his dream, and purchased an abundance of bacon and peaches. That day Norma’s Dream was born and added to the menu. “It’s a slice of peach with brown sugar cayenne pepper bacon. You have to take it like a shot together in one bite to really get it!” Trent says. “Bacon makes everything better, right?”

Brooks’ Place has revitalized their menu to keep up with the times and with the demand of the local community. The new menu features a section categorized as Revolvers, which includes roughly a dozen revolving menu items to accompany classic favorites, old and new. He's created a fantastic selection of the best BBQ you can find. 

Trent enjoys supporting, loving and serving the Cypress community with the best BBQ around, and the feeling is clearly mutual. Cypress is thankful and honored to have Brooks’ Place in our community.

18020 FM 529 Cypress, TX 

Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 11-6 PM


Instagram: @BrooksPlaceBBQ

“Bacon makes everything better, right?”

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