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Lone Tree Naturopath Works to Heal Bodies Naturally and Improve Wellness

Diana M. Drake, Board Certified Naturopath practicing in LoneTree, is passionate about wellness. She began her career as an esthetician, opening an organic spa in Denver before pursuing naturopathy. Diana says she believes deeply in the natural world’s ability to heal. A longtime Colorado resident, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Traditional Naturopathic Medicine. Her practice offers both in-person and remote wellness sessions and treatment to anyone in the United States. For a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation please visit DMDnaturalMedicine.com or 303-999-0019.

How did you become interested in pursuing a career in naturopathy?

When I was 23, I lost my mother to her second heart attack. Although she was in great shape, we have a strong family history of heart disease. At the time of her death, we were both on a statin drug to keep our cholesterol low. I questioned what good the drug was; both of our cholesterol levels were in range, yet she still had another heart attack. I immediately found a natural doctor and took myself off the statin drug. I have not taken a prescription drug since. I want to help others heal without the use of drugs. One of the most valuable things that I have come to understand is that for every ailment known to man there is a plant that can help.

Tell our readers the differences in Western medicine (allopathy) and naturopathy, and when one should seek each type of treatment.

Allopathic medicine uses prescription drugs and surgery to suppress the symptoms so that the patient no longer experiences that symptom. Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat with drugs and surgery. Different doctors for different ailments, meaning if you have depression you see a psychiatrist and if you have a thyroid imbalance you see an endocrinologist. They recognize and treat different parts of the body as separate systems. Great for: emergencies like broken bones, heart attack, snake bite, car accidents, most acute diseases and emergency life-saving procedures and situations.

Naturopathic: Locates the cause of the symptom and works at that root to balance the body using herbal and homeopathic medicine alongside diet and lifestyle changes, eliminating the symptom in the process. Naturopathic medicine also recognizes the body as a whole system, including the emotional body, and do not separate emotions from physical.

Great for: Chronic diseases (thyroid, cholesterol, digestive, organ dysfunction, hormonal issues) preventative medicine, and some urgent care situations such as a yeast infection, parasite, flu symptoms, etc)

What would drive someone to seek care from a naturopath?

Typically, someone who comes to me has strong adversity to taking a drug. Otherwise they have exhausted their options with a Western doc and are not seeing the relief that they want or they still don’t feel well. I see this especially with cases of thyroid, acne/eczema and women who are on some sort of hormone replacement therapy.

What is your specialty? Tell us about something that makes your practice unique.

I specialize in hormonal balancing, primarily in women. This includes thyroid, skin, depression, menopause and alternative options for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Often there are multiple things off balance in the body when people come to me, so we also do things like balance the gut, remove parasites and address blood sugar or cholesterol. I look at the body as a whole so we can heal the whole person and not just one issue. I use a Zyto Scanner, which is a frequency scanner that looks at issues like food sensitivities, pathogenic burden, and which organs and meridians are most out of balance, as well as labs and muscle testing. I am also interested in the endocrine system and have extra certification in Neuro-Endocrinology.

I have also just created and launched my own line of herbal supplements called SkinNaturopathics, which are easy-to-use skincare kits for clearing breakouts and red, itchy, flaky skin conditions. Skin conditions can be the cause of gut permeability, congested lymphatics, an overwhelmed immune system, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Skin Naturopathics all in one system uses organic and wildcrafted herbal medicine to support wellness in the entire body and at the skin's surface. Colorado residents can order online or pick up in-office and enjoy a complimentary skin consultation.

What would you like to see people doing differently for their health and well-being? Using an herbalist or a naturopath as a resource. Everyone has a doctor, a dentist, and a hairstylist. Everyone should also have a natural health practitioner to turn to for help with their health and body.

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