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Wellness is a Way of Life

Meet Dr. Miles Graivier, founder The Graivier Center

Sue G. Collins: You studied medicine in Houston, here in Atlanta and LA.  Are there any fitness or wellness habits you have carried with you through the years?

Dr. Miles Graiveir: I have been active my entire life and continue to use regular exercise to maintain my health and fitness.  I set aside time to work out at least once and usually twice a week with a combination of weight training and aerobic conditioning.  I have shifted my focus to do more core strengthening and enjoy mountain biking with my son and even stationary Peloton conditioning.  This has allowed me to continue to snow ski, wakesurf, wakeboard and allowed me to continue to play open division flag football into my early 50s as well as open division competitive softball.  It also allowed me to do five days of Heli-Skiing which was a big challenge for conditioning.

SGC: You have a successful practice in the Alpharetta area for more than 20 years.  What are some of your favorite places to enjoy nature nearby?

MG: The Greenway, Big Trees Forest Preserve in Sandy Springs and Sope Creek.  We additionally love to hike in the North Georgia Mountains, especially some of the waterfalls surrounding Lake Burton.  

SGC: Your practice offers surgical, non-surgical and med spa services and treatments that make clients feel better about themselves.  What are a few treatments our readers should consider for their New Year?

MG: Some of the new and popular treatments include the HydraFacial which is a wonderful hydrating facial treatment that is both relaxing and feels and looks good immediately.  It hydrates the skin and leaves your skin looking brighter and even plumper.  We additionally really like the Vivace Bipolar Radiofrequency Microneedling treatment for skin tightening of the face, neck and even decollete area.  Again, this treatment has no real downtime and is a very tolerable and nice treatment with almost no discomfort at all.  It gives you a nice amount of skin tightening as well as lessening of skin pores, wrinkles and skin texture.  Additional great treatments in the spa area include platelet-rich plasma microneedling as the platelets, which generate a large amount of rejuvenative cells, can be drawn from the blood and placed on the skin and then microneedled into the skin for an additional amount of skin rejuvenation and plumping.  Use of platelet-rich plasma has also been very successful with hair growth as we combine this with natural oral supplements and light therapy to thicken and make the hair follicles healthier so they grow a significant amount. 

SGC: You work with accident victims, cancer patients and those with physical deformities – charting a plan for their reconstructive healing and recovery. 

MG: I am really advancing in the rejuvenative space and using the patient's own tissue and processing their own fat into different sized particles while preserving the regenerative cells, as well as using their own platelet-rich plasma (from their blood) which is rich in growth factors.  I am using these in a wide variety of areas including degenerative arthritis, in skin conditions previously with poor treatment options, in hair growth, and even in “finishing” breast reconstruction. 

SGC: Do you get any downtime?

MG: I really strive to create a healthy work-life balance.  My weekends are almost always spent with family.  While my wife does most of the cooking in the house, I am the breakfast guy and on weekends I really enjoy making the brunches.  I often make crepes, French toast or apple cinnamon puff pancakes.  Sometimes I will add some bacon into the puff pancake or waffle itself for a nice combination of savory and sweet.  My go-to recipe, however, is Cajun barbecue shrimp which I learned and continue to modify from my undergraduate time in New Orleans at Tulane University.

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