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Connecting with the owner of Dolce Vita Wellness Spa

Article by Erin Hanna-Butros Meyering

Photography by Chris Holloman, Jeff Dow Photography

Originally published in City Lifestyle Reno

Nyla Allen glides through the wide, luxurious hallways of Dolce Vita, the spa she helped design during the pandemic and later brought to life. Allen thrives off her attention to detail and ability to integrate a business mindset with thoughtful touches to make your wellness journey both personable and healing.

After a successful career in real estate in her 20s, she branched into the world of wellness and never looked back.

Her spa projects include Dolce Vita, which she has owned and operated for over 10 years, as well as consulting on The Refuge Spa, which opened in 2020, inside the Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel. She says the two spas are like the sun and moon: Dolce Vita is light and organic while The Refuge is moody and modern.

Dolce Vita moved to its current location in 2021 and sits serenely across the lake from the historic Rancharrah mansion. Not only is the facility itself absolutely stunning, but its employees go above and beyond to craft a remarkable spa experience. That’s because Nyla goes above and beyond for them. Staff members are treated like a guests once a month to not only give them much needed TLC, but also give them a client perspective on self care.

“Our people are what make us successful,” says Nyla and smiles. “It’s the secret sauce.”

And when she says she values connection, she means it. My interview with her was calming, thorough, and she even took the time to ask me about myself, an uncommon (but appreciated) route for an interview.

Q: How did you get involved with wellness?

A: I have a varied background in both psychology and business so what that did for me is give me the ability to see, feel, read, and understand people on a connection level… and intermix that with business. After working in real estate, I did go on to own a manufacturing company, which taught me big business and ideas, but I settled into the wellness world. I got my massage therapy license after seeking out different models of care being sick as a child and truly finding my own ways to calm and soothe the body through stillness. It was a natural path to go into massage and wanting to offer that [healing] to others.

Q: What’s distinct about Dolce Vita?

A: There is so much... from the day spa to the medspa. To start, all of our med spa nurses are certified nurse practitioners, which means they have that extra level of training and expertise. The ingredients and products we use are of the highest quality. I’ve traveled the world and had treatments in many areas to ensure we’re using the best of the best. We also have one of seven Vichy tables in the United States.

Q: What’s your favorite treatment to receive?

A: My all-time favorite is our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

Q: I know you may not have time for many hobbies outside of business owner and mom, but anything else that takes up your free time?

A: Latin dance, diving, and family. Dance is a beautiful way to incorporate movement into your life. And diving, well, I think I was born in the ocean.

Q: Tell me more about your family.

A: Well, we’re a spa family. I have an incredible husband and blended family. My younger daughters even have spa birthday parties, complete with robes and face masks. This is definitely the inspiration for providing youth services at Dolce Vita. It’s about teaching kids to care for themselves, with the ability to calm the mind and body.

Q: How do you balance it all, caring for others and caring for yourself?

A: While balance is something we wish to attain, it doesn’t mean all aspects of your life are always equal. Your focus at different points in your life must be different. It’s about channeling your focus, balancing passion and grit with priority and intention.

Q: What else do you have down the pipeline?

A: We’re just opening our mobile med spa, which is a unique thing to not only Reno but Northern Nevada and beyond. The goal is to bring wellness, healing, and peace to you.

“There’s such a passion in an entrepreneur’s heart," -- Nyla Allen, owner of Dolce Vita Wellness Spa

Business Info:

Dolce Vita Wellness Spa

7200 Rancharrah Pkwy.
(775) SPA-0032

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