Wellness: What Is It? And Who Is It For?

Cottonwood Creek Wellness Center: A Multi-Disciplinary Wellness Clinic

What is wellness? These days words like itself or therapy, or the words anxiety and unwell are tossed around in casual speak, posts, stories, memes. They’re peppered in our day-to-day conversations, often without any anchoring or consideration of how weighty they are.

If we stop the motion of our minds and of pause the activity of the day in order to process what the language represents that we’re so avidly consuming and distributing, we might actually begin to create room for engagement in healing and leaving behind some of the anxiousness that is so readily accessed in our lives.

The Oxford Language Dictionary defines "wellness" as: “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.”

Well-Rounded Healing

Near the Cottonwood Creek neighborhood and in our cozy Downtown, there are two holistic-centered wellness clinics. In each space, there is a team of people who work collaboratively to offer a more well-rounded healing experience. They host therapists, psychologists, a dietitian and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Their focus is the health and wellness of each person who decides to lean into their own growth in mental and emotional wellness and/or their dietary health.

Because the practice has a multi-disciplinary, multi-specialty foundation, they have a more broad spectrum of perspective and knowledge. The collaborative nature between the two locations grounds their practice, helping each therapist and psychologist to best assist their patients to seek improvement, heal, and push toward and then live inside of wellness. 

Who Does this Practice Best Suit?

Anyone who needs to take pause to reset, those who desire to heal their mental health, their emotional wellness, or give their nutrition some attention. If you’re sorting through a former trauma or a more recent experience that felt sizable, if you’re feeling a little sad or are wondering if depression is the language that belongs to where you are in life; if you feel anxious or wrestle with eating disorders, if there are family issues that feel like they need attention, or family stressors that are affecting you and yours, if you need help with stress management, work or career issues, if you’re longing to lean into identity development, if you’ve had a baby and you’re feeling different postpartum—there’s space for you within Cottonwood Creek Wellness Center.

When we engage in the work of becoming more, when we take time to find a therapist, psychologist or nutritionist, we take a big step toward growth. Anytime we move in a direction nearing improved wellness, we actively love ourselves and the ones nearest us in a sweeter way.

This company exists for the betterment of our lives and the ones who work inside of it are dedicating their resources to help us. No matter the size of the topic weighing on your heart and consuming brainpower, it is significant enough to be processed with someone to bring clarity, mindfulness, structure, grounding, or certainty as to who you are. These professionals are facilitators of health, but improvement only takes place when we engage in the wholeness of our minds and our bodies. The holistic approach is approachable and most of all, kind. 

As we start a new year, the goals don’t have to be lofty. To a new year with new rhythms and better versions of us…. May we, at the very least try because in this sense, the trying ends up most rewarding.

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