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Westfield City Lifestyle Takes on the International Air Show

A Great Day at Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport

The Westfield International Airshow attracted over 70,000 people during its two-day performance.

The show kicked off with an impressive display by the hometown F-15s, performing a formation flight with four aircraft that broke over the field. They followed up with a series of low passes, undoubtedly awakening everyone in town and setting the festive atmosphere.

Next, we were taken back in time as the A-10s took to the skies for a captivating demonstration. It was a special moment for many of us who remember when they were stationed in Westfield.

The F-15s then engaged in a simulated dogfight, showcasing the various maneuvers they regularly practice. Notably, this was the first F-15 demonstration in nearly a decade.

Bringing the show to a thrilling close was a sneak peek at Westfield's recently granted upgrade—the F-35 Lightning demo. This fifth-generation fighter, equipped with cutting-edge technology, tore through the skies with impressive displays. Towards the end of the demo, a P-51 Mustang took off and flew in formation with the F-35, paying homage to American air superiority throughout the years.

While the jets steal the show, the airshow wouldn't be complete without the beloved piston aircraft. My personal highlight was Rob Holland's performance. He took to the skies and executed unbelievable aerobatic maneuvers that seemed impossible. It's safe to say that the 2023 Westfield International Airshow was a resounding success, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have been part of it.

  • Staff members Madeline LeBlanc and Kat Kattler