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Westfield Feed

Entrusting a Family Tradition

As Jennifer Stauffer and David Stauffer, along with Michael Sadowski, celebrate their one year anniversary since taking over the business from Jennifer's parents, Bob and Linda Williams, we were able to chat with Jennifer on the history and future of Westfield Feed. 

I understand this is a family business. Tell us about the beginnings of the store.

The feed store has been an active business in town going back more than 100 years.  In 1988, the opportunity arose for my father to buy the business and he did so, with my mother joining him a few years later. I am so proud of the work they did, building the business up over the next 30 years! My father built great relationships with his customers and his vendors, and cultivated a positive work environment. He expanded the store to carry a larger variety of high-end cat and dog food, and followed energy trends by diving into the wood pellet market, and becoming one of the most reliable sources for wood pellets in the area.

Mike and I began working at the store in 1994. Two other employees, Jeremy Silva and Joe Sinico, were working at the store, as well. All of us left to pursue other opportunities, but couldn't resist coming back to rejoin the team! In 2007, when Bob and Linda bought Community Feed in Easthampton and turned it into our sister store, Easthampton Feed, David joined the crew as manager of Easthampton Feed. 

In January of 2019, Bob and Linda sold both Westfield Feed and Easthampton Feed to Mike, David, and myself. We are so proud to be entrusted to keep the tradition going!

What do you love about being in business in the Westfield community? 

All three of us grew up in Westfield and graduated from Westfield High School. Mike still lives in Westfield with his wife Caitlin and their family. David and I are raising our family in Easthampton, down the road from Easthampton Feed. We love seeing our friends, family and neighbors come into the store. We buy local products when possible, and are happy to live in a place where farming is still a way of life for some and a hobby for many. 

What is unique about Westfield Feed? What can we find there and why should we shop there?

Back in the day, every community had a feed store. Westfield still has one! It is a catch-all type of business servicing farmers and landscapers, but also pet owners, gardeners and homeowners. We have high quality food for your furry friends and farm animals, wild birds, your lawn and garden, your pellet stove, and your bbq grill.  We are also happy to order products that are not already on our shelves if there is something that you need. Also, we have been donating to local groups for decades, supporting schools, sports teams 4H groups and charities of all sorts in town. 

Why do you think your current customers keep coming back?


Without a doubt, it's our customer service. We will carry your bags for you, big or small, and we are happy to answer questions and research something if we don’t know the answer. Many of our customers come in with the "Cheers" effect of everyone knowing their name (and what they are there to purchase!). We reward our customers for coming back financially as well, with rewards cards that track spending and earn dollars that can be spent in the store!

What do you, Dave and Mike hope to accomplish with it in the years to come?

We hope to continue as a thriving business in town, and to prove that even in the age of increased options of convenient internet businesses, people are happy to have a physical place where they can stop in and interact with staff that they know and trust. We hope to continue supporting local groups and businesses and to keep the store fresh and interesting, and to get to know the next generations of customers that come in to visit!

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  • David Stauffer, Jennifer Stauffer, Michael Sadowski.
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