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Spring Chickens Bring May Flowers

Westfield Feed is and has always been a locally owned and family-operated business.  The store changed hands and locations a few times in its 100-year plus history; from Elm Street to Route 20 to Union Street, the location may have altered, but the commitment to filling customers' needs was the priority then and still is today.  Co-owner Jenn Stauffer explains: "We are a traditional New England feed store that offers feed, hay, and farm supplies, but as customers' needs changed over time, my family's store changed, too.  These days, many of our customers come to us for pet food and wood pellet fuel.  So, we evolved but stayed the same in spirit!” 
Westfield Feed is your one-stop shop for the best lines of dog and cat food, feed for all animals, and supplies for your lawn and garden.  
Co-owner Mike Sadowski told us more about the popular brands of food that they carry.  “Westfield Feed is a Blue Seal dealer; this is the main line of farm animal feed that we provide, but we also have their dog and cat food.  Blue Seal’s food is milled right here in New England, bagged when we order it, and shipped fresh to the store every week.  Westfield Feed has several other lines of high-quality pet foods, including Fromm, a Wisconsin-based family-owned company.  A new line for us, Zignature, offers foods with novel protein sources and limited ingredient formulas; this line is great for all dogs, but especially those with allergies.”  
Springtime is the best time at Westfield Feed – you can find everything you need!  From baby chicks to your new favorite pair of mud season boots, lawn and garden books, garden decorations, bird feeders, tools, soil, soil amendments for garden projects, and seed starting materials, Westfield Feed has your must-have spring supplies.


It’s important to think about seed starting ahead of time.  Jenn shared a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Supplies: seeds, seed starter pot/tray, soil, humidity dome, grow light, inside space over a heater or use of a heat mat, thermostat, sheltered area outside, planting area outside


  1. Collect your supplies and choose your inside and outside areas.  Choose your variety carefully.  What are you going to grow?  How many plants do you need?  What month do you start planting?
  2. Seeds need warmth and light. Keep your planted seeds underneath a high-quality grow light and above a heater, or use a heat mat with a thermostat in the soil.  The soil should be approximately 60°F, but some seeds prefer a temperature closer to 80°F.  
  3. The soil should be damp when you first begin, and you will continue by misting gently.  A humidity dome will ensure the soil doesn’t dry out.
  4. A few weeks before planting outside, take your seeds off of the heat.  Consider taking your seeds outside during the day, and bringing them back in at night.  About a week before transferring them outside, start keeping your seeds sheltered outside.
  5. Most seedlings are ready to be put in the ground by Memorial Day, but keep an eye on that New England weather!
  6. Make sure each plant has the appropriate amount of space outside; they’ll grow larger than you think.
  7. Keep your seeds well-watered. 
  8. Enjoy your garden!


It’s time to place your chick orders!

Supplies and area setup: a safe brooding enclosure with bedding, heat lamp, food, and 3-6 feet of space per bird in a coop with a roosting bar.

  1. Pre-order forms are due in April.
  2. Collect your supplies and plan/construct your coop, ensuring there is outdoor space safe from predators and well-insulated for the winter.
  3. Pick up your chicks around the second week in May.
  4. Keep your chicks in the brooder at 90°F-95°F, dropping the temperature 5°F/week.
  5. After 1-2 months indoors, when it’s warmer outside and the chicks have all their feathers, they’re ready for the coop.
  6. The chickens need food and water daily, and the coop cleaned weekly.
  7. The chickens will start laying eggs 5-6 months after you receive them.

Visit Westfield Feed seven days a week at 288 Union Street in Westfield or call them at (413) 562-3689 with any questions!

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