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Have you explored the #Route10Corridor yet? Tucked between the bigger cities of Westfield and Easthampton lies a lesser known town: Westhampton. Read below to find 3 spots where you can take the road less traveled and live like a local as you explore these towns.

Celebrating 50+ years of the tradition of farming, Outlooks Farm & Brewery offers fresh fruits and vegetables, apple cider, fresh pork and homemade baked goods. The Outlook Farm Barn & Eatery offers a little bit of everything! Enjoy Outlook's menus featuring smoked ham and bacon or sausage, pulled pork and kielbasa sandwiches, homemade soups and salads, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies and pie all made from scratch! Visit Outlook Farm for great gift ideas for you and yours. Rte. 66, Westhampton

The Greenberg Family Conservation Area in Westhampton is loved for its lush forest as well as the picturesque Sodom Brook. For decades, the Greenberg family cherished the woods they owned behind their home. In 2017, Rebecca and Carolyn Greenberg donated 70 acres to Kestrel Land Trust. A new, blazed trail system of loops takes you through a hemlock forest, along the brook, and past magnificent tulip trees. The Central Loop is easiest, bringing you to an open clearing with benches and a gathering platform, a perfect place for a picnic or a round of yoga. The Tulip Tree Trail is slightly more challenging, and the Brookside Path is the most challenging, with a moderately steep portion descending to the brook. The Overlook Trail is the highest elevation area of the Greenberg Family Forest, leveling off on a plateau. 113 Southampton Rd, Westhampton

Located just outside of Northampton in western Massachusetts, Mayval Farm has been in the Parsons family since 1778. With about 100 registered Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss dairy cows, this farm is one of only about 120 dairy farms remaining in Massachusetts. 137 & 149 Easthampton Rd, Westhampton

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