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Old Mill

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Westport "Points" of Views

It's outdoor season! We asked, Westport’s go-to resource, to pick some of the best places to simply sit and see.

Compo Pavilion

Compo Beach’s pavilion view is a perfect summer visual; the Long Island Sound, combined with the sand and Cedar Point rocks, make for a relaxing vacation-like feeling.

Church Lane

A perfect summer evening is the best time to watch the outdoor bustle, when restaurants spill into the street and everyone’s ready for a fun night out.

Parker Harding Plaza

The shores of the Saugatuck River offer many soothing visuals. Our favorite? Parker Harding Plaza where you can grab a coffee and enjoy the river from one of the benches.

The Hunt Club

Looking in, the Hunt Club’s equestrian-centric aesthetic boasts the ambiance of a private, historical club. Looking out, the endless field of green grass is maintained for activities throughout the summer. 

Wakeman Town Farm

Rich with the flora and fauna of a New England farm, Wakeman Town Farm is rife with nature views. With the summer being the busiest time of year, this location is also filled with activities for the whole family.

Mahackeno Woods

There’s a reason this outdoor center is perfect for summer camps. Canoes by the river, wooded hiking paths, small bridges, a basketball court, all surrounded by fully grown trees. The Mahackeno Woods is a gorgeous display of mother nature - and don’t miss the recently developed outdoor pool area.

Levitt Pavilion

A Westport treasure, there’s a reason why the Levitt Pavilion is a fan favorite of Westport Lifestyle. For the next concert or show, grab a spot early for the best views of the stage.

Farmers Market

Soak in the energy and vibrant color of Westport’s famous market. Vendors bring you the best of what’s local, from comfort foods to funky and fresh cheeses, exquisite meats, blooming flowers, and herbs for your garden. 

Winslow Park

Love dogs? So do we! And we have the perfect place to bring your four-legged friends and watch them have the time of their lives. Situated in the middle of town, this park is always full-of-life with dog walkers, Gabriele’s patrons, and Playhouse audience members.

Old Mill

Enjoy an afternoon taking in the passing boats and the spectacular horizon. This particular sand-covered coast is hidden away from the downtown area, giving you the quiet headspace to enjoy your surroundings.

  • Levitt Pavilion
  • Church Street
  • Compo Pavilion
  • Farmers Market
  • Mahackeno
  • Parker Harding
  • The Hunt Club
  • Wakeman Town Farm
  • Old Mill