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Roaring Springs Expansion Offers New Ways to Stay Cool

Article by Jordan Gray

Photography by Photo courtesy Roaring Springs

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

It’s hard to miss the way Roaring Springs has expanded if you’ve driven down Interstate 84 lately, with some new parts of the Meridian waterpark viewable from the road.

The park opened three new attractions for its 24th season: Camp IdaH2O, Class 5 Canyon, and Critter Crossing.

“Our leadership team has visited waterparks all around the world, and we’re excited to bring some of the highest quality, most fun water rides to Idaho,” Roaring Springs CEO Pat Morandi said. “All of this is made possible by the long-time valued support of our community, and our tremendous partnership with the City of Meridian.”         

Roaring Springs’ team went to waterparks across the U.S. and as far away as Dubai to find new attractions.

What’s New to the Park

“Our management team wanted to add additional attractions for preschool and elementary school-aged kids, so we chose Camp IdaH2O with seven kids’ slides,” Roaring Springs Marketing Director Tiffany Quilici said. “Critter Crossing is for kids of all ages, and Class 5 Canyon is a more thrilling whitewater experience.”

And it’s hard to miss the smiling Tippin’ Tater in Camp IdaH2O, which dumps 650 gallons of water on those below.

“Pat Morandi had the idea for the Tippin’ Tater potato tipping bucket,” Quilici said. “Show Canada designed and created Tippin’ Tater, as well as all the iconic Idaho critters who are enjoying a day in the waterpark, including baby bears on a log slide, bluebirds on a diving board, and a lifeguard ram watching over all the fun.”

The new attractions all come with a Northwest theme, which is fitting for the largest waterpark in the Northwest.

“Roaring Springs’ expansion celebrates all we love about Idaho and the Northwest,” Quilici said.

The waterpark also debuted 16 luxury cabanas, additional parking, a new UV filtration system, and the Geyser Bar & Grill, which will serve Asian and American fare. The Geyser’s offerings will also include Idaho-inspired craft beers, huckleberry-infused cocktails, and other adult beverages – the first time alcohol has been offered in the waterpark.

For the more adventurous, Class 5 Canyon is Idaho’s first whitewater wave action river. Grabbing a kickboard, you’ll be propelled along the turbulent waters. Class 5 Canyon is about half the length of Roaring Springs’ Endless River, which allows for a much calmer float.

If you’re more of the type to appreciate a good obstacle course, Critter Crossing lets you traverse the water on forest-themed floats with aid from overhead ropes. The area also features water basketball.

Charitable Innovation

Another new thing Roaring Springs added this year is a Pay ‘n Play wristband.

The silicone wristbands can be loaded with money and then used for purchases such as food and shopping at the park. Since they’re waterproof, guests won’t have to worry about carrying their wallets into the water.

Roaring Springs said that $2.50 from each wristband purchase will be donated to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

Expansion Plans Continue

The three new attractions and additional expansion elements are the result of nearly two years of planning and construction. They’re also just the ambitious start of Roaring Springs’ expansion plans. An additional six phases are coming across the next 10 to 15 years, with the ultimate goal of expanding the waterpark by 40 percent. The move will make Roaring Springs one of the largest waterparks in the United States.

Phases 2-5 include new water thrill rides (which have yet to be chosen), while Phases 6-7 will provide additional parking. Roaring Springs will launch each phase as attendance grows.

“I am excited to see the continued investment that will nearly double the summer fun at Roaring Springs,” Meridian Mayor Robert Simison said. “As they continue to grow, they are helping us achieve our vision for Meridian to be the West’s premier community in which to live, work, and raise a family.”  

Why Visit

For those still on the fence about visiting, Qulici offered this.

“Roaring Springs is so much fun for all ages, even for grown-ups,” she said. “It’s a cool (literally) experience that’s both exciting and relaxing. (It’s) a great way for families to escape the stress of daily life, and laugh and play together. Waterparks offer the rare opportunity for everyone to have fun with friends and family, without a phone in sight.”

You can buy tickets ahead of your visit at

“Roaring Springs is so much fun for all ages, even for grown-ups! It’s a cool (literally) experience that’s both exciting and relaxing, and a great way for families to escape the stress of daily life and laugh and play together.”

~ Roaring Springs Marketing Director Tiffany Quilici 

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