What Are you Most Grateful for This Year?

We Asked City Lifestyle Staff to Answer This Question. Here's What They Had to Say.

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Steven Casupanan, Ashley Sill, Aaron Swart, and Joanna Tannenbaum

Originally published in Short Pump City Lifestyle

"This year, I'm thankful most for the universe bringing clarity, hope, and joy to my experiences and decisions. Through travel, human connection, and the pursuit of authenticity, I've found that a happy life isn't elusive but chosen and pursued. I'm grateful for all the soul moments that point me to eternity."

"This past year, I am most thankful for my time with my family and loved ones. Getting caught up in prioritizing work and professional pursuits over family and personal passions is so easy. I'm grateful for the intangibles of great memories and impressions that will last a lifetime and longer."

"This year, I have been most thankful for my family, our friends, and the opportunities I have experienced. I have experienced an outstanding work-life balance while managing two roles. My husband and I closed on a new home for our family that we designed together, and I have learned new things this year that have helped me grow personally and professionally. I am also thankful for the new connections I've made this year. I look forward to continued growth, new friendships, and new adventures! "

"My loved ones are my everything. I am immensely thankful for my caring husband, beautiful daughters, supportive parents, best friend and sister, and brilliant niece and nephews. I feel incredibly fortunate that my daughters are being raised alongside their cousins, surrounded by love and kindness. This year, I was lucky to secure my dream job as an editor, and I am grateful for the individuals who have believed in me and supported me throughout this journey."

Sending you cozy autumn vibes as you celebrate this Thanksgiving with the ones who matter most. 

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