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What Are You Working On?

with Dorothy Burdin

The watercolor paintings by local Mason artist Dorothy Burdin are interpretive and representational. The use of delicate brushstrokes and soft colors seem to reflect her personality.

“I usually paint florals and landscapes,” Dorothy says. “Almost always what I choose to paint is from my travels.”

She and her husband have traveled extensively abroad. Most recently, they traveled to Italy. Her current display at Pop Revolution Gallery in Mason showcases her favorite sights from their walking tours along the canals of Venice and hillsides of Cinque Terre.

“I’ve been to Venice three or four times in my life now. It is one of my favorite spots in the whole world—just delightful sights to paint."

She’s also continuously working on a card series; the cards are printed from one of her watercolors. This year, she chose to paint a cactus blossom from a friend’s garden in California.

Dorothy’s collection of paintings, from large gallery works to small greeting cards, are delightful and a beautiful contribution to Mason’s growing art scene.