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What Spouse Date Was Most Memorable? Or Will Be?

Chesterfield Area Couples Reflect On Magical Moments From Their Relationships

Dana and Michael Tippit

"When we had a toddler and after watching Barney, the purple dinosaur, and his friends for 18 months, we finally went to see the rom-com movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin. We ate at Rally Burger after essentially eating nothing outside of our home for those months; that was the best burger we'd had in a such long time, and we laughed so hard during the movie. We realized we really needed to get out and take a break from preschool stuff for a while." 

Scott and Marcy Watson

"When we were in college, Marcy accidentally ruined my favorite shirt with a red magic marker. She wanted to make it up to me, so we agreed to play racquetball, and she kicked my behind. Despite that start, we went out on a real date after that. And there was always something about her that made me want to be with her. We'll have been married 43 years this February."

Ideas for making memorable dates:

  1. Do a color run together.

  2. Visit the local antique mall and seek out the wackiest purchases that can be found. 

  3. Have an at-home camping adventure, complete with a blanket-fort-turned-tent in the living room.

  4. Hop in a vehicle with a good playlist, with no set destination.

  5. Dig up boxes of old family photos and spend a night swapping memories and childhood pictures.

  6. When going on a dinner date, arrive separately and 'meet' each other there to create a little romantic anticipation.

  7. Go for a hot air balloon ride.

  8. Spend an hour dreaming up the wildest date ideas possible, then print them onto paper strips to be randomly drawn from a date jar next time to decide how to spend a night out.

  • Scott and Marcy Watson
  • Dana and Michael Tippit
  • Dana and Michael Tippit