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Donnie Buckalew

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Conroe's Life Style

What does it mean to you?

Mary McCoy 

Conroe Legend - Texas Radio Hall of Fame - Currently  of K-Star FM 99.7 

"There is no place like Conroe. This my home since 1950. When we moved to Conroe, I told my daddy I wasn't moving anymore. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be on the radio, I wanted to sing, I wanted to make records, and when the radio station signed on, I went on with it."

Ronald Enriquez

Owner of Classic Floors and More - resident 26 years

“It's got a small-town feel with a big attitude. It has provided for my family all these years and now we like to give back to your neighbors.”

Debbie Kruger

Co-Owner of Branding Iron Custom Goods - life Long resident

“It’s traditional, but with a lot of cool hip things happening.”

Janice Parish

Owner of Brownlee Jewelers - Lifelong resident

“Welcoming, though we are growing and bursting at the seams, we still feel like a hometown.”

Donnie Buckalew Jr.

Buckalew Chevrolet -- Lifelong resident 

“Community. It takes people to come together to form a community, and the volunteerism here is unbelievable.”

Jody Czajkoski

Mayor of Conroe

"Our community is full of wonderful assets that contribute to the great quality of life and are part of the reason we are one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.  An airport, a National forest, a historic downtown with a live music scene, and a beautiful lake, are just a few of the multiple jewels in the crown of Conroe.  It’s Conroe’s time to shine!"

  • Ronald Enriquez
  • Mary McCoy
  • Mayor Jody Czajkoski
  • Debbie Kruger
  • Janice Parish
  • Donnie Buckalew