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What Dreams are Made of

Local Custom Closet Manufacturer’s Attention to Finer Details Brings Dreams to Life

Article by Lisa Schreiner

Photography by Life N Light

Originally published in Bellevue Lifestyle

Imagine waking up each morning and walking into a completely custom, luxury space that not only houses but showcases your favorite articles of clothing—it would make waking up that much easier, wouldn’t it? Cue Cher Horowitz’s epic closet from the 1990s cult classic Clueless. If there is anyone who can make that happen, it is Ramona Williamson of the Seattle franchise of The Closet Factory.

With more than 20 years of experience with The Closet Factory, creating custom, luxury closets are a part of Ramona’s everyday life. Most recently, she worked with local Bellevue business owner, Gabriel DeSantino (president and CEO of Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc) to create a completely custom, gorgeous closet for him. The inspiration came from Gabriel’s desire to create a space mimicking a Tom Ford men’s boutique, a closet that was very masculine yet allowed some softer elements for a finely tuned ambiance.

From the start, Gabriel was highly involved in the creation process. He and Ramona worked closely together and discussed exactly how he wanted things in his closet. He went over the plans in great detail, including the measurements of his jewelry drawers.

The closet features specialty tri-fold mirrors that open up so you can see your outfit from all sides. It also features beautiful layers of custom-stained moldings and custom crowns and base moldings as well. The drawer faces are wood, and there are also many double-decker jewelry drawers that are all hand-finished with black velvet lining to showcase specialty jewelry pieces. There are also plentiful storage and jewelry doors for cuff links and watches as well as for purses and wallets.

Valet rods allow the closet to stand out by showcasing favorite outfits or being used for laying out an outfit for the next day, and the rods also act as a great place to bring in dry-cleaning before putting it back in the closet. The dark wood stains coloring the closet also add to the luxury of creating a Tom Ford-esque boutique.

No detail is overlooked in this custom masterpiece. From the custom crystal light fixture hanging from the custom-molded ceiling to the wood paneling on the floor and the specialty lighting for each of the glass, mirrored shelves lined with Tom Ford eau de perfume bottles, Gabriel’s closet is a perfect example of just the type of custom closet that The Closet Factory can create in roughly eight weeks, from start to finish.

“This is a dream closet for Gabriel because it starts his day out with such beauty," Ramona says. "It showcases the outfits he wants to see and look at and can be changed with every season. With all the custom shelving and lighting, this space is a very fun and beautiful way to remember special items.”

The Closet Factory is a national company, but the local franchise and manufacturer is located in Mukilteo. The ability to create completely custom closets—starting from scratch with raw materials—sets The Closet Factory apart from other closet companies. They are able to custom-stain and custom-paint wood and create custom door styles and drawer face styles and moldings for either a simple or really extravagant style—and everything in between.

“We are not modular; we are completely custom, and we offer all kinds of details that can be added to really step it up,” Ramona says.

Although closets are the bulk of the work that The Closet Factory specializes in, they aren’t limited to just closets. They create any sort of built-in around the home, including offices, pantries, libraries and garages, as well as bonus room built-ins and entertainment centers.


To see more of Ramona’s work, visit Houzz.