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Sandy Does Her Weekly BeBalanced Meal Prep

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What if it's Your Hormones?

BeBalanced Offers Natural Remedies to Restore Balance

Article by Melinda Gipson

Photography by Melinda Gipson

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

Irritability and mood swings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hormone imbalances. Inadequate hormone production also can cause weight gain or other digestive issues, insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, not being able to turn your mind off, brittle nails, migraines and even tinnitus (ringing in the ears)!

Jan Benjamin, owner of BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center in Leesburg (221 Crescent Station Terrace SE, Leesburg, (571) 258-4782), says she’s seen all those symptoms and more listed on her center’s intake form. Clients rate their experience with dozens of hormone-related issues and the intensity of their problems, followed by a more careful assessment of their diet and the medications they’re taking. (You can test yourself online here:

To help the body restore normal hormone production, BeBalanced provides supplements – in liquid form for higher weight loss targets, and in topical cream form if weight isn’t a factor – in addition to specific dietary guidelines. One client, Sandy Brown, was so successful on the program that she lost 60 pounds just in time for her sixtieth birthday in November!

She says her motivation came from her younger sister who died of cancer in June. “She was always encouraging me that I would feel so much better if I lost weight,” Sandy said. “After I lost the weight it was uncanny how much I looked like her. I feel like she’s dwelling in me now and encouraging me every day to stay healthy and be around for my family!” We videoed Sandy preparing a healthy meal at her home and offering great tips on how to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle (see

  • Metabolic Correction Blend, a homeopathic glandular blend that stimulates the body to release stored fat
  • HepraCell supports the liver to promote more efficient weight loss and Flora-3 a probiotic that helps restore the balance of bacteria in the gut
  • Natural Hormone Balancing Creams help to balance hormones to combat the effects of stress
  • Sandy Brown Logging her Daily Weigh-In
  • Sandy Brown logging her Daily Weigh-In
  • Sandy Does Her Weekly BeBalanced Meal Prep