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What is "Style"?

It isn't just fashion

It’s all too easy to use the words style and fashion interchangeably. 

Style is a far bigger world than clothing.

Writing has a style. Barbecue has a style. Music. Painting. Cars. Socks. Cheese. Milkshakes. Figure skating. Architecture. Even your walk.

We’ve dedicated most of this issue to the fashion side of style. It’s the natural beginning, but it’s certainly not where the discussion ends. 

Think about it. “Blue” defines a color. “Pacific blue” gives it clarity. “Blue, like the Pacific on a warm summer day at dusk as the sun sets and the shimmering highlights ripple with every wave” is style.

Style is passion. Style is personality. Style is confidence. Anyone can be fashionable. But to have style, it needs to be authentic. 

It’s also history. It’s powdered wigs and buckled shoes. It’s zoot suits, bell-bottoms, Members Only jackets, skinny ties, Cameros, and neon. Chances are, the style you worshiped years ago would make you cringe today, and in 10 years, you’ll probably say the same thing about what you’re rocking right now.

Style gives meaning to our everyday choices. “Vanilla” is a style, as long as you own it.

So tell us (in your own inimitable style): what’s your style? Send us an email to or go to our Instagram page. We’d love to know what you bring to the table.